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May 19, 2008 09:52 AM

Lunch along Metrolink - STL

I'm looking for suggestions as to a good lunch spot near a Metrolink station somewhere between downtown and U. City. My lunch companion will be heading west from downtown and I'll be driving east from Clayton. Since I don't ride the Metrolink I'm not sure which places are an easy walk from the stations.


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  1. The CWE stop (located at BJC) is a mere block and a half walk to Moxy. They have a nice lunch...or anywhere else in the CWE that tickles your fancy. The U City stop offers Pi, the new pizza place, Vietnamese Miss Saigon is close as well. The Grand Stop is pretty bare, as is the Saavis Ctr....the convention Ctr stop has An American Place, OH! 10th Street Italian!!!! that sandwich shop. Mosaic also does lunch.

    Good luck...enjoy your lunch.

    1. Isn't there at least one Metrolink stop right near the new Busch Stadium? Anthony's Bar would be a great place for burgers, sandwiches, and other well-executed bar food.