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May 19, 2008 09:22 AM

Halibut Cheeks

Any suggestions for recipes / preparations?
I've never tried these before and so have no clue what I'm dealing with.

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  1. We have had cod cheeeks and tongues. We dust them with flour and fry. They are very much like scallops.

    1. I made these last week. Just pan seared for a couple minutes on each side - super yummy, but easy to overcook. Sweet meat. Just salt pepper and lemon juice was perfect.

      1. this link discusses cooking the whole head, but parts of it may be helpful to you:

        agree with jsaimd: simple preparations for good fish is best.

        1. My uncle used to make pickerel cheeks. He would dip in milk and dredge in flour, seasoned and fry in butter.

          1. Fry in butter and evoo, salt, pepper, lemon, no flour.