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May 19, 2008 09:07 AM

Seating at Old Ebbitt-katecm or any other knowledgeable person

Recently, I asked whether we should go for moderately priced soft shells and crabcakes at Tabard Inn or Old Ebbitt. We've grown to a party of 8, so we're going to Old Ebbitt, since the Tabard Inn (while perhaps preferable) is now too expensive for a party of that size.

Katecm recommended as follows:
For seating, make reservations for the booths in either the side bar or the back bar. Ebbitt is beautiful, but large and loud in the main room. The side room and back room are going to be quieter. Also, they have extra seating in the office building that they are adjacent to - make sure they don't stick you there, since there is no ambiance.

I've looked at the dining rooms listed on Old Ebbitt's website ( and am unsure which room is which. Is the Atrium the area that Katecm describes as "extra seating in the office building that they are adjacent to that has no ambience" and that we should avoid? Do I correctly assume that the Corner Bar and Grant's Bar are the side room and back room referred to by katecm? There is also something described as the Cabinet Room in the website, but that may be for private dining. Given the size of our group, we may not have a choice of rooms, but I thought I would at least try to get seating in a quieter area with ambience.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Yes, avoid the Atrium. Ask to be seated in the main room with the murals and green velvet booths/banquets. Call the day before or day of to confirm your seating.

    1. Yep Monavano is correct that is the atrium, although not as much ambiance it can be quieter if that really bothers you, because the atrium is large and dissapates the noise, although at a booth I don't remember there being to much din. You can make a reservation on opentable, I believe, but you would want to call to make sure you can get seating where you want and calling a day in advance to confirm is a good idea as they get swamped with people.

      1. Thanks for your help.