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May 19, 2008 08:57 AM

40th Birthday Dinner in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

Any recommendations for a 40th Birthday Dinner, midweek, with a few friends, in Park Slope or Prospect Heights? Already in consideration: Al di la, Applewood, Stone Park Cafe, Sotto Voce, Blue Ribbon, Convivium to hear feedback, or new suggestions, esp in P Heights. Thanks!

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  1. In Prospect Heights or Park Slope I'd go the Garden Cafe on Vanderbilt and Prospect Place. Make reservations is all. I've only had delivery from Teddy's and I did enjoy it. Very good Greek food. Mabye someone can expand on their atmosphere? Washington and St Johns I believe.

    1. Hi Cayt,

      Unfortunately, not many options in Prospect Heights. I have not gone to Garden Cafe, but I hear it's lovely. And, during the week, they have reasonable prix-fixe menu. I walk by all the time and it looks very dark and intimate. Amorina is tasty for some interesting pizzas and comforting pastas, but it's very casual and not what you're looking for probably. I would definitely recommend Al di La (they're closed Tuesdays though). Applewood is very devoted to seasonal ingredients. Skip Stone Park (major attitude from everyone who works there), and Sotto Voce is terrible and Blue Ribbon is not as good as the Manhattan version. I have not been to Convivium, but hear it's great.

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        I would have said Al di La myself even though I've never been there. Except they don't take reservations and you could be waiting for a very long time. I'm curious do you know off hand if they will make a birthday cake or such?

      2. I'm a big, big fan of several of those choices, esp. Applewood and al di la, and want to add two more: Rose Water (where my wife threw ME a surprise 40th birthday dinner last year, which was splendid!) and Aliseo, which would satisfy the P Heights element (and both take reservations and should have tables available midweek on short-ish notice). Also add Palo Santo, where we had a wonderful meal recently. Re: Teddy's - that's really a diner, and not at all the sort of Greek restaurant that would merit a birthday celebration. There are other, better places to eat in P Heights (e.g., Cheryl's Global Soul and Abigal, which just opened), but those are certainly a cut below the other options discussed above. Happy birthday!!

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          I would add Tempo. We went there for my sister's birthday a while back and it was excellent. They are also good about accommodating large groups and have an excellent wine list.

          I would also recommend Convivium Osteria. We went there for my wife's birthday and I thought it was excellent. We pre-ordered wine and appetizers and a cake and people ordered their own main dishes. It worked out to around $100/head which was very reasonable given how much wine we had.

          I would concur with skipping Stone Park. I went there recenly and had a not-so-great experience.

        2. Another vote for Applewood!

          1. Aliseo is a definitely a good option in Prospect Heights, I've been there with 2 birthday groups of 6 or 8 people over the last couple years and its worked very well both times, good food, good wine, good vibe.