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May 19, 2008 08:52 AM

Miami chowhound weekend drive to Orlando

where to eat?

plan to stop at Cafe Boulud in West Palm on the way...any recs on what to order?
what is good in Orlando, i.e. how is Le Coq au Vin?
places to eat at Epcot...

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  1. Ankimo - I'll be posting a report on Sunday brunch at Boulud later today. Was not there at the right time for dinner. I did just post a report on Forte di Asprinio on Clematis St. in WPB which I think is worth a visit (though not necessarily over Boulud - maybe on the way back).

    At Epcot I enjoyed the Norway place (Akershus Royal Banquet Hall) which had a really decent Scandinavian smorgasbord buffet as well as reasonably good prepared dishes.

    Check out the threads here on the Ravenous Pig in Winter Park. Place sounds great and is on my hit list for next trip up that way.

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      Le Coq au Vin is great--all food, questionable atmosphere. It's an iconic Orlando restaurant--the last oldie but (still) goodie standing. Ravenous Pig is entirely different--casual, sorta hip, contemporary American fare done exceptionally well. Akershus at Epcot does have good and interesting food--but, it hosts princess character meals three times a day, so you'll have lots of little girls running around while you sample your yummy Norgwegian fare. The France pavilion has two good restaurants, Canada's pretty good, the British pub is excellent, the Mexican restaurant is gorgous with so-so food, Morroco's OK. I hear the China food is awful but haven't tried it myself.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        I had dinner at Ravenous Pig -- I'd keep it on your hit list Frod.
        solid moules frites, excellent pork terrine, quail/sausage over polenta was in a sauce that i thought was too sour, lobster pierogi ok

      2. Most of the food in Epcot varies from "pretty good" to "outstanding." Hard to go wrong.

        Le Coq au Vin is awesome. Great French food at very moderate prices.