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May 19, 2008 08:37 AM

An American Idol In Scarsdale,

Taking one of Season's Six's finalists out to dinner before a personal appearance
tomorrow night, any suggestions?


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  1. I am guessing that the mystery contestant is a young guy ;)
    Without knowing anything else (cuisine preference? budget?), and assuming you want to stay relatively close by, I recommend BLTSteak in White Plains. I recently had a totally over-the-top good experience there (with six others who agreed). Steaks, fish, side dishes, drinks and desserts there are really very good, and the burger is a knockout. It's in the Ritz Carlton, so what it lacks in "hipness", it definitely makes up for in elegant casual decor and a pretty view. You will probably spend about $50-60 per person, without drinks.

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      There's Peniche in White Plains--that would appeal to a young "hip" person I think, but only if you like small plates. I do also like BLT Steak, I feel you can't go wrong there. There's 42, but someone gave it a really negative review in an earlier post, but if you called ahead, you would probably get the "star" treatment if that's what you are looking for, so it's still a good option, the view would definitely impress. If you just want to stay in Scarsdale, I can't help you out!

    2. Go to Mulino's in White Plains......they treat everyone like royalty.....and the food is great.

      1. If you want to stay in Scarsdale, I recommend Moscato (the veal "martini" dish is great). Otherwise, Harvest on Hudson, Plates on the Park, the Red Hat or X20 would be good choices.

        I've been to Mulino's once and didn't care for it - very stuffy and my veal was nothing to write home about - IMHO.

        1. Speaking of American Idol (GO David C.!!!) isn't there a restaurant somewhere in Westchester County owned by former American Idol winner Kimberly Locke - -I thought I read about it somewhere -- maybe I'm just going crazy...

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          1. re: RawTunaFan

            I believe she is a part owner of the Croton Creek Steakhouse...(I was very disappointed in David C last nite...)

            1. re: Marge

              the restaurant does not have a very good reputation...looks like it's david a.