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May 19, 2008 08:36 AM

Best Korean BBQ in Flushing?

I've done a bunch of research on the boards and come up with a list of recommended Korean restaurants in Flushing for future field trips, but now my parents are coming to town and I was hoping someone could help me narrow the list down to just one place?
I'm looking for great Korean BBQ (either DIY or the kind where they cook it for you at your table) at a good price. Probably not a hole-in-the-wall, but it's okay if the food is spectacular. They especially like spicy pork and kalbi and a good variety of panchan...
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I see you received no reply hungry united and since I am currently searching for the same thing I'm giving your post a bump. Hopefully we'll get some responses.

    Also, I did a search here and didn't come up with good info so if you'd be kind enough to post the results you referenced above, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    1. re: laylag

      i personally LOVE picnic garden bbq at 149th and northern. it is a bbq buffet but everything is there


      1. re: chefjellynow

        I second Picnic Garden. It is a little bit divy in a weird Asian way, so if you are looking for atmosphere then this is not the place (ie you see the ducts hanging from the ceilings, the whole place smells a lot like smoke). But, for Korean food it is by far the BEST bang for the buck. They have a long simple buffet with some banchan: seafood pancakes, sticky fried chicken wings (not banchan but good!), kimchee, chop jae, kim bop, crab soup and I think it is miso soup (someone correct me if I am wrong); They have white rice and red bean rice; then they have all the meats - marinated and raw and the grills are on your table. There is: bone in and boneless gal bi, kalbi, prawns, boneless and non boneless spicy pork (delicious!!), something like bacon but it is round, squid, kidneys, chicken, etc. You cook them on the grills on your table and the waitresses will cut them up and turn them over for you like at a regular korean restaurant. You get sooooooo much meat for so little money. You can keep taking as much as you can eat. In a regular Korean restaurant, one meat alone is close to $20... here all you can eat for $22.95. I shlep out there from Manhattan anytime I want Korean.
        95% of the customers are Asian.

    2. i like the following:
      - ham ji bak: good all around, but i particularily like their sam gyup sal (which is a thick cut of pork, kind of like bacon, but thicker and better)
      - san soo kap san: very good bbq and good regular dishes as well

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      1. re: Lau

        Agree that Ham Ji Bach (there are two locations) and San soo kap san are the better ones. Ham Ji Bach specializes in pork belly and their's is particularly outstanding. San Soo Kap has good Kalbi and great banchan especially if you order the kalbi. I find Ham Ji Bach has better selection though and main dishes are tastier. Depending on night you go prepare to wait. You can go to one of the yogurt shops of dessert places after.

        1. re: kavery

          Thanks all. Kavery, we took your suggestion and went to Ham Ji Bach. Chose the one in Bayside simply for it's closer location. It was excellent and really put to shame the supposedly very good Korean BBQ in Westchester we'd been to both on overall quality (very, very, very good) and price (perfectly reasonable, inexpensive even).

          Korean BBQ is a relatively new cuisine for us and we have much to explore - looking forward to more visits to Ham Ji Bach and will also definitely try SanSoo Kap.

          I will be happy to report on the Tristate board that for those of us in Southern Westchester, there's every reason to drive ten more minutes each way across the Throg's Neck. There's no comparison.

          1. re: laylag

            if u post on tri-state, u can also try palisades park and fort lee...they have arguably better korean food than flushing / bayside

            1. re: Lau

              Really. Tristate is my home board. I''ll search our board for recs. Thanks Lau.

              1. re: laylag

                yeah its a great place for korean food, here's a post i put up a while back and there are some good answers and a great blog that really lists alot of stuff...still suggest posting though b/c there are always new restaurants, mgmt changes, rest closings etc etc as this info is a bit dated


            2. re: laylag

              I'm glad you liked it. The powder dip and the thinly cut pickled radish are hard to find in the US though I heard you can get them in Korea. Though I like Pal Park (I eat there once a month) I don't think any one restaurant is outstanding not even Yoo Chun or Mandarin.

          2. re: Lau

            I heard there is a place up in Weschester that specializes in Black Pig BBQ like in Jeju-do. Anyone know this place in Weschester or any in Flushing?


            I have been to Sulrak Garden mentioned in this post and it's pretty great...