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May 19, 2008 08:33 AM

Cantina La Mexicana

Finally had some time to sit down @ the new Cantina La Mexina in Union Sq the other night (the expanded Taqueria La Mexicana site in the old Irish Eyes bar space). Am a big fan of the taqueria, so was curious how the expanded menu and space are.

Started w/a good chilaquiles plate. Mrs. Franks had a meh veggie enchilada. But the pork gorditas I ordered as my main were a revelation. They never had these on their taqueria menu, and they're good enough to justify the expansion in and of themselves. They're served open face and are slider-sized. Realy great smokey pulled pork (I've always loved their pork tacos) w/avocado and some kind of crema. Delicious. I could have downed a dozen in no time. Sides of yummy "simples" pinto beans and rice, and I left full and happy.

Pretty standard Mexican/American beer selection, but no taps.

Anyone else been and tried anything else not on their existing taqueria menu? (P.S. Was happy to see they haven't bumped up prices much over the taqueria.)

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  1. I'm going soon. I saw the prices on their new website. The apps seem pricey but the mainstays (classicos, I recall) are CHEAP! ($6 and change for taco plate; $8 for enchiladas; $7 for a burro.)