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May 19, 2008 08:04 AM

Danby mid-size wine cooler thoughts/reviews

I am looking for a mid-size wine cooler (50-75 bottles) and the Danbys look pretty good on the price/size/available-reviews spectrum. Mostly the wine will be stored for less than a year, but a few bottles will end up being in there longer than that. It will be in a spare bedroom where the temp is reasonably stable around 68F, out of direct sunlight.

The Danby 75-bottle cooler looks like it actually holds 75 bottles. (Their "65-bottle" version looks like it would take some very creative arranging to achieve that capacity - and all the pictures of it show it with about 35 bottles.) I think I'll really like the slide-out shelves. Looks like I can get it delivered for about $700.


Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. based upon the picture there, I see 9 shelves with 6 bottles each on them. that equals 54 bottles. definitely NOT 75.

    I'm getting picky because I have the Danby cooler that is supposed to hold 52 bottles, but in reality it holds 42. If I filled it with Riesling, possibly those long, slender bottles would allow me to get 52 bottles in the same space, but you have to remember how fat Pinot,.Chardonnay and CduP bottles are! They don't take that into account.

    All that said, I have had my Danby cooler for 5 years, and it is still operating smoothly. So I would recommend the brand, I just wouldn't take their quote on capacity as gospel.

    1. I have a "35 bottle" Danby that has been a problem. It's the dual zone which is a total waste, but I didn't want to pass it up for the price. Had many instances with it freezing when packed at max capacity. Once it freezes, it then warms up to about 70 degrees. I've stopped using it as my backup for daily drinkers and recently ordered a "166 bottle" Avanti that should ship any day.

      And yes, these bottle counts they come up with are great for Bordeaux shaped bottles, but that is about it. The newer pinot and syrah bottles etc, cut those numbers drastically! -mJ

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        We have used a Danby model 612 in our tasting room for all our white wines.
        Works excellent and has been running flawlessly for 18 months.
        Ambient under 70*, with settings at 49* and ranges from 47* to 55* while in use.
        Recommended highly.