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May 19, 2008 08:00 AM

Oxford.. pub you like best

taking my 20 year old daughter.. there for dinner two nights.. Which pub would you suggest?

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  1. Don't know many innner city pubs, but I had a lovely meal at the White Hart, just outside Oxford. You need to go by car/taxi, however - and take a map as it's quite hard to find if you're not familiar with the area

    1. In the town centre The Bear in Bear Lane was great in my day.....It's 30 years since a bit of my tie joined hundreds of others on the wall. I wonder if it's still there? A couple of miles out The Trout is rightly well known, and in a lovely riverside setting:

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        The Turf is quite nice. On a sunny day, Head of the River is nice too (if way too crowded).

        Further away from the city centre, there is also a nice pub in North Parade. Even further away: a very nice pub in Iffley Village (name escapes me, chips to die for). Ditto for Woodstock Village.

      2. we will not have a car.. some of these seem out of the way and hard to take a cab.. What about in the city???

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          The Turf and Head of the River are right on the city centre.