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May 19, 2008 07:59 AM

Indian close to St Pancras

Hi we will be leaving that night.. exhausted Im sure.. Luggage at St Pancras...where can we go for great Indian food.. and then easily back to St Pancras..(on to Heathrow) this is a Sat night..

so not too high end.. We will have been walking around all day.. and cant change.. thanks..

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  1. You don't get trains to Heathrow from St Pancras. Do you mean Paddington...?

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    1. re: PhilD

      yes.. we will trek across there..storing our luggage there though.. we will be out all day so it doesnt have to be too close by..

    2. sadly, drummond street is pretty awful - but raavi kebab house is tolerable. its very much oil slick pakistani, so get the rotis and kebabs.

      a better choice perhaps is the indian ymca on fitzroy square - its genuwine canteen style indian food, much what you'd get in any decent indian college.

      1. The Indian YMCA definitely (especially the fish curry) but it is mostly a lunch place. If it's dinner... eh... Are you sure you want Indian?

        1. No doesnt have to be Indian.. I thought London had GREAT Indian food though? We live in San did want something different or close to your dining..It will be our last day from two weeks in England and Paris.. I think we will be tired... so someplace not too dressy.. schleping for the day.. but a great last dinner.. how about that?

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            London has OK Indian food. London has GREAT Bengali food (specific type of Indian) in a few spots, but I wouldn't say London Indian isn't outrageously amazing on average.

            1. Just relax, and stop worrying about the English perception of "going out for a curry". Don't forget, the British have been big on curry for about 200 years. And perhaps the English posters in NYC are, like you, homesick. The reason you don't like high-end in London is because you are a student, and can't afford more expensive places. Have you tried Chowki, near Piccadilly Circus? It's not terribly comfortable, but the menu is innovative, and it's cheap by London standards.

              1. re: butterbutt

                There's a branch of Rasa in the area that might fit the bill, see this post by bombaybeauty: there's probably not as much Keralan food in SD.

              2. Couple of good, casual, Indian restaurants in central London that you could try are:

                Haandi (136 Brompton Rd - a small door opposite Harrods) is quite casual with good food. I have never booked, even on the night it seemed to be hosting an official convention of 50 or 60 Sikhs.

                Mela (152-156 Shafesbury Avenue - just west of Charing Cross road), is pretty popular especially with the pre-theatre crowd. Good food, from an open kitchen, pretty casual as it is in the west end. I have never booked, but you may need to pop to the pub to wait if it is busy.

                Both restaurants are mid-priced - mains approx £10 to 12. Not next door to St Pancras but equaly not that far by tube or taxi.

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                1. re: PhilD

                  (Where did PhilD's other post go? It was very well said!)

                  For butterbutt, you could try Salaam Namaste - it's not far from Kings Cross.

                  1. re: DollyDagger

                    Dolly - here is an edited version of my last post - I had to edit it as it seemed to offend against the rules of the board. Hopefully the revisions meet the rules - i.e.. critique the food but not a persons opinion.

                    London is not an inexpensive city but there are quite a lot of Indian restaurants that are cheap. In my experience cheap food is usually just that, cheap food. The quality of ingredients and cooking is often compromised and therefore the overall quality of the meal will not generally be good. OK there are exceptions, but they are exceptions.

                    In every country you will find locals will gravitate to the better (more expensive) restaurants as they become more affluent and London is similar, in order to really experience good Indian food in London you can’t do this on a very limited budget

                    London does have some fantastic restaurants that represent food from across the Indian subcontinent (and given the large number it also has some shockers). They represent a broad range of food from simple, traditional grills (Tayabs), to complex, innovative, cutting edge food (Benares). Some are very authentic, trying to recreate traditional/home style food, others are cutting edge pushing the boundaries of the cuisine (and irritating some traditionalists). Not everyone agrees which is the best, which is good or which is bad. But the sheer range ensures there is always something to debate and argue over.

                    I have eaten good and bad Indian meals in many major cities from Australia, through Asia, across India, in Europe, and the US (but not NYC). In my opinion London does measure up very well, and like all cities has both good and bad, thankfully the good, when it is good is fantastic.

                    1. re: PhilD

                      Thanks for reposting - I hope the ChowPolice don't delete it this time because I think balanced info and opinions are vital for visitors to this board.

                      I definitely agree that if you can find very cheap, very good Indian food (or any other cuisine really), that you should count yourself lucky. I've had wonderful Indian food in London and have always been more than happy to pay for quality, though obviously not ridiculous prices.