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May 19, 2008 07:50 AM

Soft Shell Crabs - Philadelphia

Hey Folks! I am craving soft shell crabs, but hate to cook them myself. Where are your favorites being prepared? I am in Queen Village, so the closer the better. Thanks!

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    1. re: saturninus

      I saw some breaded soft shell crabs at Bobby Chez the other day. You just finish them in your oven at home or they can fully cook them for you to take home. I also had outstanding sauteed soft shell crabs a couple times at Le Bec-Fin 2 weeks ago, but now they appear to be completely out since it hasn't been available since. Unfortunately, the overall supply seems rather scarce this season, primarily thanks to the Phillips Seafood conglomerate down in Baltimore overpurchasing the supply needlessly.

    2. We had a delicious soft shell crab spring roll at Shiroi Hana, on 15th St. between Walnut and Locust. They had soft shells on the menu, but we didn't try them. I know that their fried oyster appetizer there is delicious.

      The best soft shells I've had recently were at Yang Ming in Bryn Mawr. But that's far!

      1. Standard Tap usually has some sort of soft shell dish on the menu. Not exactly close but not too far either.

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        1. re: G Goo

          That's close. Far is outside of CC/s.phila/nolibs/fairmount

        2. here's a related Q - I know Dimitri's only has them in season - are these other folks fresh/live/local or the frozen ones I can get year round?

          1. I saw live soft shells at Ippolito's this weekend. I'm sure they would cook them up for you.

            Nam Phoung also has salt baked soft shell crabs that they serve with a lime pepper dipping sauce. But I don't think they are "traditional" soft shell crabs, since they are available all year round.