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Five Guys Burger and Fries coming to Shrewsbury

fershore May 19, 2008 07:47 AM

The former Peking Malaysia (which was Friendly's before that) on Route 35 in Shrewsbury is being renovated. The Five Guys sign is up. No word on website about opening date.

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  1. JerzeyShore RE: fershore May 19, 2008 08:57 AM

    I just discovered the one in Brick about a month ago and have been back several times. Tasty little burgers and great fries. I can see why some folks out there rate it as the best burger. IMO for a fast food burger joint it simply can't be beat.

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    1. re: JerzeyShore
      Angelina RE: JerzeyShore May 19, 2008 09:11 AM

      I agree. I recently tried the one in Edison, and was plesantly surprised. I wish one was on Rt. 9 in Monmouth Co. somewhere, but I don't mind Edison.

      1. re: Angelina
        DKNJ1999 RE: Angelina May 20, 2008 12:05 PM

        I haven't tried Five Guys in Brick yet. Wasn't sure if it would be good or not. I'll have to give it a try.

        1. re: DKNJ1999
          J1Scarlett RE: DKNJ1999 May 21, 2008 03:23 PM

          Love Five Guys. Theres one near me and I have to force myself to keep away (otherwise i would be 500 pounds!)

          1. re: J1Scarlett
            Tapas52 RE: J1Scarlett May 21, 2008 06:32 PM

            Been there twice in TR & that was the last.... I dont see the big deal
            Mc Donalds Third pounder is better then 5 Guys for sure.

    2. j
      jfedorko RE: fershore Jul 21, 2008 07:34 AM

      Five Guys appears to have opened this past weekend. Drove by there on Sunday (7/20) at dinner time and they were packed. I have never seen the parking lot that full even when it was Friendly's.

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      1. re: jfedorko
        3Setsof10 RE: jfedorko Jul 21, 2008 07:01 PM

        Yes, it's open. I have alerted my doctor.

      2. Tapas52 RE: fershore Jul 23, 2008 08:24 AM

        OK I said I personally wouldn't go back, but the other day after seeing the BATMAN Movie my son wanted Franks Burger & fries. So to make him happy as a good daddy we went again after the movie....it was crowded......not much to choose from so we ordered two double cheeseburgers & of course their Fries. Honestly its a good burger for $5.00 each although you get everything in a brown paper bag , no plates, & courtesy Elephant peanuts too. The decor is simple with Critics "Best Burger" Accolades all over the walls & Cups, a possible decent alternative to other Fast Food Joints....good yes....
        "BEST" No Way !

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        1. re: Tapas52
          JessKidden RE: Tapas52 Jul 23, 2008 09:02 AM

          Where's "Frank's"?

          1. re: JessKidden
            wench31 RE: JessKidden Jul 23, 2008 11:09 AM

            I think Franks means hot dog.

            1. re: JessKidden
              Tapas52 RE: JessKidden Jul 23, 2008 03:58 PM

              Sorry for the typo I meant "Five Guys" LOL..........sorry

              1. re: Tapas52
                TedyB RE: Tapas52 Jul 24, 2008 05:22 AM

                I agree...good solid burger...not the best by far. But they are fresh ground beef and they cook to order, which is nice for fast food. The "potato of the day" that they use for the fries is a clever touch and they are pretty good. Not a bad place to grab a quick burger, sure beats most fast food that's for sure!

                1. re: TedyB
                  jfedorko RE: TedyB Jul 25, 2008 11:17 AM

                  Cook to order?!?! If I'm not mistaken the Five Guys in Brick would only do medium when we were there. It's my biggest gripe with most "chain" restaurants - don't tell me what I can and can't eat! Please tell me it's true =)

                2. re: Tapas52
                  JessKidden RE: Tapas52 Jul 24, 2008 06:37 AM

                  Oh, OK. I didn't see "hot dogs" as something you'd ordered and when I first read your post, I thought ""Franks"? Wow, a '5 Guys' clone restaurant already- right down to the free peanuts, too!" <g>

                  I guess I'm just amazed (still) at the "clone" phenomenon in US retailing. I mean, when shopping I never know if I'm in a Lowes or Home Depot - Circuit City or Best Buy - Linens and Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond - Petsmart or Petco - Borders or Barnes & Nobles. And, if you don't believe that I get confused, just ask all the cashiers to whom I've given the wrong plastic membership discount card.

                  1. re: JessKidden
                    Tapas52 RE: JessKidden Jul 25, 2008 04:40 PM

                    You are so right & dont forget the biggest clone of them all "The PIZZA Shop"

            2. c
              cantkick RE: fershore Aug 16, 2008 12:25 PM

              Went there yesterday for lunch. The positive: great fries, and a long list of condiments (mushrooms, grilled onions, etc.) The negative: the buns are worthless. Mine fell apart before my first bite. I was so busy trying to hold it together and keep the mushrooms and onions near the meat that I couldn't really enjoy the meal. The neutral: the burger was ok. They only cook it well done, not medium as another said. That meant it was not very juicy and probably less flavorful. It was far better than McD's or BK, about on a par with Wendy's, good, but not great.

              I'll probably give it another try, and order condiments that won't destroy the bun, but unless I taste a big improvement, in the future I will probably only get the fries. (I might try a dog, though.)

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              1. re: cantkick
                Tapas52 RE: cantkick Aug 16, 2008 02:43 PM

                I felt the same way.....who is giving them BEST BURGER reviews like the signs all over the walls of the place ....Its Just OK!!

              2. s
                Shu the Moody RE: fershore Dec 3, 2008 08:18 AM

                Finally tried it last week. Mediocre at best. The place is just an In-N'-Out knockoff with their not-so-secret secret menu, except 1) the ingredients are not as fresh as In-N'-Out and 2) the weather sucks.

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                1. re: Shu the Moody
                  cromanmax RE: Shu the Moody Dec 29, 2008 04:54 PM

                  I thought five guys was better than Bobby"s burger palace.

                2. b
                  BigBlue120 RE: fershore Dec 30, 2008 03:11 AM

                  Heard the hype. Finally had one a few months ago... burgers were tasty (but sloppy). Fries are the real deal. Been back a few more times with similar results.

                  Really like the options to top the burgers, but it does make them darn near impossible to keep together.

                  Fries are fantastic, and I'm glad that I tried the malt vinegar with them.

                  The wait for food is a bit on the long side. I understand the 'cooked when you order' idea, but let's not call it fast food. I think the next trip could be 'fries only', to check on timing.

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                  1. re: BigBlue120
                    Tapas52 RE: BigBlue120 Dec 30, 2008 06:51 PM

                    We ate at Five Guys yesterday in TR been there many times... & although its not too bad...they need to correct their policy of wrapping the burgers in aluminum foil "so tightly" that when you open them at the table they are all smashed & steamed flattened Argggg!!!.....it ruins the whole dining experience.....I hope they are reading this also.

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