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May 19, 2008 07:42 AM

100% Korean - review

100% Korean is located in the Leslie-Finch plaza.

I don't know if this is authentic Korean or Korean for Western palates, but it was darned good and tasty!

My guest and I were served 10 banchan (sorry if I am misusing this word).

They included:
- tofu
- bean sprouts
- vermicelli ?
- eggplant
- pancake
- green veggies (choy)
- some kind of seaweed
- spicy cabbage
- something potato-like, but sweet
- the tenth, I don't what it was, but I think it was soy-based.

All of these were very tasty!

My guest had seafood noodle soup and I had udon in soup with seafood. We also ordered pan-fried dumplings. All was delicious!

The official menu is limited, but they do have some items listed on a wall. You might even have to ask what else they have. We had to ask for the dumplings, which weren't listed anywhere.

All in all, a very tasty and satisfying experience.

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  1. Do you recall if they serve Dolsot Bibimbop? It's rice with vegetables, meat and an egg served in a sizzling stone pot.

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    1. re: jtamin

      The menu did have bibimbap. I don't recall what kind though.

      It seems like a mom-and-pop establishment, so I think you can probably ask them to customize for you.

    2. My wife and I tried lunch there a few times and were disappointed. Although their soups are decent, the rest of the mains were lacklustre. BBQ ribs were very poor quality meat (although quantity wise was the most I've seen), Bibimbap was very plain and they offered unusual sauces that I don't see when I go to the various Korean resto near Yonge/Finch. For our lunch, we certainly didn't get as many banchan's as you did.

      The owner (older gentleman) is very friendly and even speaks some mandarin too. I do believe they are "authentic" korean, but quality wise I'd go elsewhere.

      1. The sweet, potato like item was probably daikon (radish), yum!