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May 19, 2008 07:37 AM

Fresh Fish

Just moved to New Orleans from Baton Rouge. Anybody know where I can get some fresh whole fish? The grocery stores seem to have the general foreign tilapia/salmon stock. Looking for flounder, red snapper, that sort of thing. I'll be hitting the farmer's market tomorrow, just wondering if there's a regular store that anyone can suggest.

Thanks a lot!


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  1. Schaefer and Rucich usually have redfish along with some of the better prices on shrimp and jumbo lump. Whole Foods, Big Fisherman on Magazine. I don't venture to the WB, but there you will find the shrimp lot as well as the Asian market.

    1. The most varied selection is at Hong Kong Market on the West Bank.

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        HKM has the widest selection of any retail fish market in NOLA.

      2. Westwego- the expressway @ Louisiana St. on the left, if heading west, is a group of about 20 seafood "stalls/stands" from whom I get superfresh and inexpensive quality shrimp and crabs. [If you pass Bayou Segnette (sp?) you've gone too far] Alot of them have signs for a variety of fresh fish, although I've never bought any. So, I can't comment on the quality of the fish. Good Luck! :)

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          the fish at the westwego market is fine, usually a good selection of gulf fish. however, they will not and can not legally clean/filet whole fish for you there; something to do with it being an outdoor market or something. so unless you like fish scales you might want to try a store. I usually go to k-jean.

        2. Thanks everybody. I'll try Hong Kong Market next time I get over to the Best Bank.