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May 19, 2008 07:13 AM

Parthenon Greek Restaurant - Calgary

We have been there several times but it has been a while.
We went there last night for my birthday and were not diappointed.
My wife and I had the Greek platter special at 2 for $48.95. We started off with a Greek salad that both my daughter and Mother-In-Law wanted to share. It was big enough. We had two lamb chops, 4 roasted potatoes and 2 grilled chicken breasts that were to die for! It also included a large order of rice. As we spent last November in Greece we ranked the meal and presentation as authentic. Our daughter had a Lobster tail with rice, roast potatoes and a AAA steak. She was impressed and let me sample it. I was also impressed. This meal was $22.95.
My Mother-In-Law had the Salmon special at $22.95. It was well presented and looked and tasted excellent. It also had roast potatoes (she said her's were not boiled long enough but ours were) and rice with a side of vegetables.
We had a Baklava for desert and it was disappointing. There was a generous amount of cinammon and it tasted good but when you have been to a local bakery in Greece it paled.
We had an elderly gentleman of Greek heritage (I am sure) and while he was slow it had a nice even pace and we didn't feel rushed which was fine by me. He kept our waters topped up and that ranks high with me.The bill came to $105. plus tip.
We vowed we would go again but not wait so long to return.
Dean in Canada

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    One thing- this isn't a CH policy or anything but it's always helpful to include addresses, or at least what part of town the resto is in, with reviews.

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      Thanks for the wishes!
      You are right! The Parthenon is at Heritage and Bonaventure in Calgary on the SE Corner.
      Dean In Canada