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May 19, 2008 07:06 AM

Restaurant for Sheva Berachos

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced restaurant in which to make Sheva Berachos for about 25 people? Brooklyn or Manhattan preferred. Thanks!

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  1. We like Levana on 69th near Broadway. They have a nice, private room in the back and are quite accomodating in terms of menu and prices.

    1. Levana is not really reasonably priced, imo, though it is nice. How about upstairs at Le Marais?

      1. I've been to quite nice sheva brachos at Olympic Pita and Garden of Eat-In, both of which are good food and reasonably priced.

        I know Dougies makes sheva brachos, and the food at the Brooklyn location is better than it was at the UWS location that everyone here used to complain about. China Glatt also does them. I think pretty much any place that has a back room has a pricing plan for them, you just have to call and find out.

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          Speaking of Dougies, the old Dougies location on the UWS is Nargila, which is generally reasonably priced. Make sure to work out with them how many people you have and whether you're going to want a la carte or a set menu.

        2. Mr. broadway, on broadway and 38th has a private room which is ideal for sheva brachos, and they are quite open to adding items not normally on the menu for such occasions. much more reasonable than most of the other suggestions. I do not have an impression of their regular menu as being much more than deli ssandwiches etc. but I have been to nice Sheva brochos there.

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            would definitely recommend that you avoid mr broadway. they're completely unorganized when it comes to sheva brachos. i made one there recently and they assigned one waitress to 25 ppl -- service was slow, food was mediocre, they were not prepared with any of the items we discussed beforehand for the set menu. you're better off with any of the other suggestions.

          2. i went to a sheva brochos at Glatt A-La-Carte a couple of weeks ago. i was pleasantly surprised by their service and the food. i hghly recomend it