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May 19, 2008 06:53 AM

Sunday brunch w/ parking


Can anyone recommend a good Sunday brunch place that has parking? We have someone in our party who can't walk very far. Preferred location would be somewhere with easy access from the Division, North Ave or Fullerton exits off of 94. Thanks!


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  1. Here are a few thoughts along with a specific recommendation.

    At most restaurants, you can pull up to the entrance and let out everyone except the driver, then he/she can go park the car. Many others (including the restaurants in the big downtown hotels) have valet parking, so you can pull up to the entrance and let them park the car. So maybe having its own parking isn't that critical? (I don't know if you've considered this, but please don't criticize me for pointing out a couple of things that may be obvious; I'm only trying to help.)

    I don't know of any really good place in the city that has its own parking lot (maybe others do?) but the next best thing is a restaurant in an area where parking on the street is easy on a Sunday. One such place is Between, in Wicker Park. It's on a commercial stretch of Milwaukee Avenue lined with stores that are closed on Sunday mornings; with plentiful on-street parking, we parked right in front of the restaurant when we went. It's right near the Division Street exit from the Kennedy (I-90/94); go west on Division a few blocks, turn a 45-degree right onto Milwaukee Avenue, go about a block and it's in the line of storefronts on your left.

    Walk in, and you immediately notice that the atmosphere is comfortable/cozy; I can see why their website refers to it as a "boutique cafe and lounge". There's a long bar along one side of the room, with thickly-upholstered bar stool type seats with backs. There are three kinds of tables: high two-tops with the same seats at them as at the bar; conventional-height four-tops with conventional chairs with matching thick upholstery; and huge overstuffed couches with low tables (like wide coffee tables) in front of them, some of which are behind a thin curtain-like arrangement. So you can choose whichever seating arrangement might best accommodate the member of your party who has trouble walking.

    We chose Between because the brunch menu on their website (at ) sounded unique and different from even the usual breakfast specialty places. That's essentially the menu they had there today. We observed the frittata and bacon-croissant bread pudding delivered to the next table, and they looked so good we wondered whether we should have ordered those instead, but as it turns out, we loved everything we got, too. We got their eggs benedict, which may be a misnomer because it's not like any eggs benedict we've had before (and all the changes were for the better!). Instead of an English muffin, they use a yummy buttermilk biscuit; instead of conventional poached eggs, the eggs had whites and yolks mixed, like very light scrambled eggs; the hollandaise was smooth and mellow; and the sliced beef tenderloin was a wonderful addition. The house bacon-potatoes were like excellent (and non-greasy) home fries with bacon chunks added. It was just an excellent dish all-around. So was the duck confit club sandwich. The menu refers to it as "pulled duck confit" but the consistency was more chopped, almost minced. The rest of the sandwich was as described on the menu, with avocado, bacon, arugula, and herb mayonnaise, on wonderful brioche bread; there were also capers, unmentioned in the description. This, too, was excellent, as was the accompanying salad. Both portion sizes were ample, but we decided we had barely enough room to split one of the sweet entrees for dessert. We got the tiramisu waffles napoleon, and they complied with our request to omit the espresso syrup (so they had no coffee flavor). This was another excellent dish, with two layers of waffles, with the mascarpone between the waffles and topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

    We arrived shortly after they opened, but even when we left around 11:15, there were plenty of empty tables, so you should have no concerns about long waits like at some of the other Sunday brunch spots.

    We were thoroughly delighted with our brunch at Between and look forward to returning in the near future. Highly recommended.

    Between - Boutique Cafe and Lounge
    1324 n. milwaukee ave.
    Chicago, IL. 60622
    phone 773.292.0585
    Sunday brunch 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    1. Great breakfast, but no brunch, FREE OR METERED PARKING LOT

      1235 W. Randolph St.
      Chicago, IL 60607

      Ina's is not your ordinary breakfast/lunch spot. Ina serves upscale-ish breakfast/lunch comfort food. Best of all, there's a free parking lot!!! Take the Kennedy to the Randolph exit heading west. The Heavenly Hots are outstanding...more or less thin melt-in-your mouth pancakes with a little something extra in the batter...perhaps fruit juice and/or sour cream or something.

      The Wishbone
      3300 N. Lincoln Ave
      Chicago, IL 60657

      Great Southern/Mexican/Cajun style breakfast and lunch.
      There's a metered parking lot at Melrose and Green.
      Fastest driving directions are; Kennedy to Armitage exit heading north on Ashland. Ashland north to Belmont and Lincoln and take a left one block to School & Lincoln.

      Cafe Selmarie
      4729 N. Lincoln Ave.
      Chicago, IL 60625
      Metered parking in front or in the large lot 1 block south. Yes, they do have a Sunday brunch. Great outdoor seating overlooking the Square and the fountain.

      Union Park Bar & Grill
      228 S. Racine Ave.
      Chicago, IL 60607
      This place has a decent bargain brunch for $7, plus free parking lot!!!

      O'Donnovan's Bar & Grill
      2100 W. Irving Park Rd.
      Chicago, IL 60618-3924
      Kennedy to Irving Park Road east to 2100 W. Irving.
      Fun neighborhoody Irish Pub with friendly staff and local crowd. Surprisingly good bargain brunch at $12.95. Turkey/Ham/Roast Beef carving & omelette stations & lot's more, Plenty of free parking the lot!!!

      1. Two Words: Riverside Cafe

        Some more words: 1656 W. Cortland, Chicago, (773) 278-3354