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May 19, 2008 06:37 AM

Wait times at Degustation

I want to try Degustation this Wednesday night but need to be somewhere by 10pm. If I showed up at 7:30-ish, do you think there would be a long wait for a table?

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  1. Do you mean show up without a reservation? I don't think you'd get in. I went there with a 7:30 reservation and we had to wait about 15 min for seats to open up. I'm not sure how they know how to time their reservations---diners could come in for a couple of dishes and a glass of wine and be out in 45 minutes, or they could do the 10-course tasting and monopolize their seats all night.

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      Yeah, you definitely need a reservation for the place. There are only 16 seats in the entire restaurant. By the time 7:30P rolls around, there may be a wait as a lot of the diners who were there for the first seating may still be there. If you plan on ordering the 10 course tasting menu, I'd make the reservation for 7P or 7:15P just in case you're kept waiting for a long time. If you plan on ordering the 5 course menu or just a few courses, I think 7:30P would be OK. If you go closer to 6P or 6:30P, you generally won't have a wait as you will be part of the first seating.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        I agree as well. I had an 8:00 reservation, waited for about 15 minutes, tried the 10 course tasting menu and left at 11pm. My meal there is by far one of my top 5 meals I've ever had.