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May 19, 2008 06:12 AM

Dinner tonight may19 cape cod

any suggestions my choices are alouette bistro, cape sea grille, embargo, abicci. or Brewster fish house what would you choose?

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  1. My vote would be the Cape Sea Grille. Besides the food, the setting is nice, just up the road from the Sea Street beach. With luck, you will be able to see a sunset over the water as you eat.

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    1. re: billy

      As the ocean is south of the restaurant, it would be quite impossible to watch the sun setting over the water to the west. My choice would be The Brewster Fish House, although each of your options have something going for them, albeit quite different experiences.

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        I, too, believe any of the options are acceptable choices. In defense of my contention that viewing the sunset is possible from Cape Sea Grille, on more than one occasion, from the enclosed porch portion of the restaurant which faces west, I have witnessed sunsets off towards the southwest.

        1. re: billy

          I, too, would chose the Cape Sea Grille, it is simply charming and the food is wonderful; try for a table on the porch. And be sure to make a reservation!

          1. re: taddybelle

            ok reservation made. sunset not a crucial criteria. i will check in tomorrow and let you guys knowhow it was. oh i decided cape sea grille. Thanks for you input. Anyone going to taste of Cape Cod on memorial day in Hyannis?

            1. re: Amer5858

              Love Sea Grille but the tables are all too close for my comfort. We used to eat there often for holidays. I would have chosen Abba. For lunch, Brewster Fish House. Cannot wait to hear your review.

    2. Dinner was great. We had the apparently coveted porch table in the corner. Whilst we did not see the sunset we were entertained by a family of bunnies outside. As it was Monday night pre season there were not too many other diners and we got primo attention. Appetizers, Housemade country pate was mostly delicious. the appetizer star was the Crispy Duck Confit. For the main course 2 of us had the signature pan roasted Lobster. I am a dyed in the wool steamed lobster lover. this was outstanding. Just enough meat removed from the shell along with much hunted for morsels of delectable pancetta in a complex but not overly complicated sauce. the rest of the lobster split in half took only a modicum of effort to extract and was worth every effort. the lobster was not as i feared being dyed in wool steam fan dry at all it was almost worth every penny of 40 bucks and as i did not pick up the tab i will say well worth. Not a big dessert person so i passed 2 desserts that were had didn't get rave reviews but no complaints and they eat every bite.
      Again thanks for the input. ps. service was exemplary thanks Amy and Robin