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May 19, 2008 05:29 AM

Beverly Hills Grill-Mi

After suggesting the BHG to another Chow Hound the other day I realised that I was driving within two miles of the restaurant on my way to Dearborn so we decided to visit for breakfast.
If you have never been to the BHG before it is just north of 13 mile on Southfield road on the West side across from the cemetary. The building is small and unassuming to it's easy to pass. Plenty of parking in the rear.
Service was nothing less than perfect, fresh flowers on the tables and all of the staff dressed as you would expect in a fine restaurant.
The only thing missing? The big prices. Average breakfast entree was $10 and the quality was exceptionally high.
My wife had crabcakes benedict. ($13) This was served on a Wolfmans english muffin. The crab was abundant and had little binder or filler and , get ready.....drum roll please REAL Hollandaise. :) The eggs were poached perfectly.
I had corned beef hash and poached eggs. ($10) Mine was also served with a Wolfman's english muffin and like my wifes entree my eggs were perfectly poached. The hash was....GASP... Real home made hash nice and cispy. mmmmmmmm
I can't suggest this place highly enough. Easilly the best breakfasty in the city.
Recently we had breakfast at the Four Seasons in Chicago. It was $65 and the hash was straight out of a can and my wifes omlet was served broken in pieces. I only mention that to put the value that the BHG represents in perspective.
The BHG was the 2007 restaurant of the year and I would say from my experience they have not slacked off at all.
If you are in this area I also noticed a Penzy's spice store on the NE corner of 13 mile and Southfield in a plaza.

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    1. re: Fibber McGee

      Beverly Hills Grill is not Matt Prentice, and it never was. BHG is owned by Bill Roberts, who also owns Streetside Seafood in Birmingham and the newer Town Tavern in Royal Oak.

      1. re: cherie

        love the grill. bill roberts also used to be an owner at 220 merrill in birmingham, another good place. he and his wife got divorced several years ago. she got 220 and he got streetside and bhg.

        1. re: cherie

          Shoot, you're right. I was thinking of Flying Fish, the other place in Beverly Hills or has it been renamed? 1000 pardons and my apologies to Mr. Roberts and the Chowhound board for sidetracking the discussion.

          1. re: Fibber McGee

            Flying Fish is now Tavern on 13 (again). It's not bad.

            1. re: cherie

              Not bad? It's quite good! I really like it.

              I'd recommend the warm chicken salad, which is plenty big, even for us Manly Men. The ribs were decent, too, though I prefer the Oxford Inn's version. Sides are good, service has almost always been good, and *when they have it*, bumpy cake is a welcome addition. I fully admit that without bumpy cake, their dessert selection does next-to-nothing for me, but their bumpy cake is very, very nice.

              A great place to watch a game in the bar, with very good food, and an impressive cigarette smoke filtering system. Winner, winner!

              1. re: boagman

                Am I the only one that misses the bumpy cake at Machus? I worked under Chef Mack at the Palace during the '89 and '90 championship seasons. The pastry chef was exceptional. The lightest cheese cake I had ever seen and the Machus bumpy cake was wonderfull.

                1. re: Docsknotinn

                  Does anyone have the recipe for the Machus Bumpy Cake? I miss it SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

                2. re: boagman

                  Since this thread has been revived, I feel the need to rescind my recommendation for Tavern on 13. The quality of *everything* has plummeted dramatically, and I haven't been back after my last experience several months ago, which was out-and-out awful. *Expensive* and awful.

                  I think that perhaps Matt Prentice has stretched himself too thin at this point, or is just starting to not care at all. And yes: I called MPRG and complained. No response. Until I see *some* kind of response, or some super-relevant reason to return, I won't be going anywhere near any of his places.

                  Sad, really.

        2. Nice suggestion. Thanks.

          Question: does BHG have a bar?

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          1. re: RedTop

            Yes they do have a small bar and there were people eating there as well.