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May 19, 2008 04:35 AM


I walked by this place after a movie at the Paris - it's on East 58th between Fifth and Madison, and is new, I think. Has anyone tried it? Was tempted to, but it was 4pm, dinner at home was planned, and my husband would not have gone along with a tasting! Per their website, there is one on 9th Ave. & 14th Street as well.

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  1. tried it right after they opened , posted on here , the service was terrible as well as the hamburgers , precooked dry , wilted lettuce , Fries were fishy tasting - would much rather walk over to 55th to Five guys. Maybe they have improved ?

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    1. re: griller in the mist

      Thanks - my mistake - I searched for "popburger" not "pop burger"!

      Guess I hadn't walked on that block recently!

      1. re: griller in the mist

        When I went, I saw the guy smashing the burger into the grill. no wonder they are dry. I was really disappointed. if all you do is burgers, you shouldn't screw them up.

      2. Pop Burger is just ok, nothing to write home about, and certainly not worth ruining your appetite for dinner :)
        If you like "gourmet" made-to-order fast food burgers, you would do well to try Goodburger or BRGR, instead. (or drive down to AC for a Fatburger at the Borgata!).

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          I am amending my response bc I realize that I didn't explain my opinion re: Pop. First of all, their service is horrendous, with very long waits for no discernable reason. I have eaten at the Meatpacking location twice, and both times more for convenience and because of who I was with than for the food. I was also tempted to walk out both times-once before I had even ordered. They are slow and distracted and uncaring, and their burgers, while better than your average fast food, aren't that much different from what you would find at a decent diner. Also, their sides don't hold a candle to the onion rings at Goodburger or the shakes BRGR.

        2. I've tried the 9th and 14th outpost. It wouldn't waste the stomach space trying it.

          1. The original comment has been removed