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May 19, 2008 02:45 AM

American-style hot dogs in London?

Okay... so, I'm overwhelmed with a Memorial Day homesick craving for a Chicago-style hot dog, but alas, I live in London where I'm struggling to find a frankfurter that fits the bill. Does anyone know where I might find a good, quality American-style hot dog (like a Vienna Beef frank or similar) 'round these parts? I looked in Sainsbury's but their hot dogs come in tins and look scary. All suggestions welcome.

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  1. In the chilled bit at Sainsbury's, they have Herta brand frankfurters which look and taste just like American hot dogs. I think they were next to the bacon at one shop, and next to the packaged lunch meats at another.

    1. They are not cheap (£4.50 for 6 I think), but the Frankfurters at the German wurst stall in Borough market are quite tasty and pretty close to what you are looking for.

      Hmmm, might have to get some myself this weekend for the Q.


      1. If you live near a Lidl (German budget supermarket), you'll find lots of Frankfurters there at pretty good prices. They also do bratwurst.

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          I agree with the Lidl suggestion. I had some of their bratwurst today with onions cooked in beer. They do hotdog buns too as do most supermarkets. If you can get to the Jewish areas like Golders Green,Temple Fortune and Hendon you will find Hebrew National hot dogs and tons more imported kosher stuff from the US. Think they have chicken sausages as well. Used to live in the area. Both areas are a hive of activity on a Sunday. Sainsburys sells Frenchs mustard. I also make Coney Island (Detroit speciaity) hot dogs by adding chili and chopped raw onions to the hotdogs.

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            I've become a big fan of the Lidl hot dogs. Ten hot dogs for .99 is a great bargain for something that also tastes just fine. The finger rolls at Sainsbury's remind me of hot dog rolls, so I buy them if needed. I don't remember eating Coney Islands in Detroit where I once lived for a year, but they are found in NY (where Coney Island is), too. :-)

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              yes the detroit area loves its coney dogs, but just about every small or large ohio town has or had a coney island hotdog diner as well. it's a common misperception, but the coney dog was named after cincinnati's coney island, not nyc's (there are no coney dogs in brooklyn). cinci is also home to the greek-inspired "chili" that goes on the coney dog, which the locals there famously like on spaghetti too.

              1. re: mrnyc

                Believe it or not, I once lived in Cincinnati for two years... back in the Stone Age. The only restaurantsI remember are a good deli we found in our first week there and a German place someone took us. I've never been a big chili lover... so I don't remember that at all. These days, I'm sure I'd give it a go.

        2. We passed the Gourmet Hot Dog in Soho the other day -

          they do some american ones. What about somewhere like Wholefoods or Partridges - they do lots of American food, or Selfridges?

          Aldi and Lidl both do some v.good bratwurst and our Sainsburys have jars of American hotdogs - maybe they're only available in the bigger stores? I have to say I've not tried them as I'm not that much of a fan but I do recommed bratwurst from Germany :)

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            The German food van @ Portobello market does a range of Bratwurst and other sausages, not too sure if they're same as an American style frankfurter you're after. Worth a try though.

          2. costco has very good hot dogs, sold in packs of 5 or 6, and also in the food court.