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May 18, 2008 10:32 PM

Tommy Bahama White Sand rum - what to do

I won a bottle of Tommy Bahama White Sand rum at a raffle/drawing today. The only rum cocktails I generally drink are Cuba Libre and Cuban Manhattan (Manhattan with rum rather than scotch or whiskey). Any suggestions for what to do with this windfall?

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  1. It's fine as a mixer. It's not going to add a whole lot to any white rum drink but its not bad.

    If only that rum was as substantial as what it comes in. Once your done, you can keep that bottle around as a spare sledgehammer.

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    1. Why niot a mojito? No need to get complicated: 2 shots rum, 2 shots limeade, 2 shots club soda, juice of one fresh lime, pour over a sprig of mint. Don't worry about muddling, but do rub the mint a little to release the oils.