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Looking for new French restaurant in Toronto.

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up. She is a real foodie and has tried so many Toronto restaurants already.
I'd like to find a relatively new French restaurant that is amazing. Bistro or swank...doesn't matter. We tried Amuse Bouche recently. Loved it! Would like to find something comparable.

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  1. Delux (trendy French bistro with a Cuban twist) on Ossington is getting good buzz.


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      Delux is hardly a French restaurant. French-ish at best.

      1. re: Edith S

        Hmm... all of the reviews I've read have described it as a french bistro. Toronto Life says "menu is mainstream French bistro executed with panache." Clearly, it's got a twist in that there is a Cuban Influence (which I gather was less present in the cold winter months). However, I haven't been yet so I'll reserve judgment...

        Coquine (referred to below) I have been to, and quite enjoyed (though I'm not sure I'd call it "amazing"). I note that it definitely does have a menu that's fairly eclectic and definitely strays beyond classic French.

    2. I haven't tried it yet, but there's Coquine at Yonge and Eglinton. It's reasonably new.
      I'm sure you've tried the old standards- batifole, le paradis, etc.

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        I love Coquine, always a solid choice...but they don't take reservations so be prepared to wait if you're planning on a Friday or weekend night. The only dissappointment I've had with them is the peas w/proscuitto...very weak. I also nominate Le Select as a great choice...I've never had a bad meal there and it would also be a solid brunch choice should you want to do something less predictable for a birthday.

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          I loved their Caprese Salad (enough for two) - The mussels were very good but the fries were greasy and limp. Service is friendly but a bit hurried. May be Friday night is not the best time: lots of noise and not so much attention.

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          Coquine is fine, though for a real French bistrot you'll have to go to Paris, France. I love their so-called Heirloom Tomatoes with Buffala cheese but their French fries are awful, limp and greasy, unless they improved recently.

        3. i love Amuse Bouche, too! another favorit is celestine on mt. pleasant. love their brunch on weekends! fish soup is my dish(?) which i always order.

          1. We have eaten several times at Le Montmartre, despite its out-of-the-way location at Sheppard and the Allen. Pleasant atmosphere, traditional French dishes well prepared (one of my favourites is the calves' liver sauce marchand des vins).

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                Yes, Le Montmartre is good. The portions are a bit on the skimpy side but the food is good and service very attentive.

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                  I agree : the location is not the best (911 Sheppard West) but it's worth the detour. Nothing extraordinary, but good French dishes and very attentive service. Prices are reasonable too but portions are not that generous. Try to get a table close to the fireplace (in winter, I mean!) if you wish a romantic atmosphere.
                  http://www.lemontmartrerestaurant.com... (416) 630-3804

                2. Le Papillon - 69 Front Street East - by St Lawrence Market - great food
                  ..and Happy B-day to her

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                    Agree - The steak & frites is my favorite in town. I'll take it over the fancy steakhouses any day of the week

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                      Took the wife there for Saturday lunch and we enjoyed the food. I had the steak and frites as ImStuffed confirmed is a must have (I know I know how can you mess up steak and frites... trust me there are many restos that do). I do believe the waiter told me that the frites were bottomless, I was full from the one serving so I can't confirm this.

                    2. Mogette Bistro (http://mogettebistro.com/) at 581 Mount Pleasant opened not too long ago and is pretty decent French.

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                        Agree with Mogette! Pretty good food. However, Pastis is still my favourite

                      2. Forte at York and Richmond is a newish french bistro.

                        1. Bodega on Baldwin street

                            1. hi guys!!
                              the place is now closed, from 1rst august

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                                Loire on Harbord is worth a visit. Maybe for 1 or 2 years now, where Olive and Lemon used to be...

                              2. I recommend Le Sélect (www.leselect.com), on Wellington west of Spadina. So far I have tried their cassoulet and steak frites, both were excellent.

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                                  I had their steak and eggs this morning. They do a great steak.

                                2. It's not new, but I'll go ahead and recommend Batifole. Delicious French food, attentive service, and a wine list that goes on and on. Swoon-worthy : )

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                                    Sorry! But I beg to differ!!
                                    Batifole's food was OK during my first visit. Good but lacking wow factor. Second time round, noticed food has gone downhill. Stopped going after third try. Reasons? Watery sauces, overcooked meat and ultra-greasy casserole. Overall, I would say food are 'rough with an edge' and plate presentation totally lacking! Nowadays, there are more than a handful of Bistros that can do a much better job!

                                  2. What about Tati on Harbord?

                                    I had a decent meal there about a year and half ago. Soup and steak as an entree. Can't remember the particulars, but do remember leaving and thinking, "That was pretty good."

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                                      I'm glad you liked Tati, Suzeo. It's next on my list to try. Took a look at the menu the other day and it was very simple, stripped down looking food. Not a million choices and not a bunch of Italian stuff thrown in . . . why do so many of them do that???? Anyway, I figured duck confit with sardalaise potatoes (basically spuds fried in duck fat), for $20 looked pretty good to me. There were your basic steak frites, moules etc. In short, an actual bistro!