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May 18, 2008 09:55 PM

100 Wines

Today I went to check out the very newly opened 100 Wines, at 1109 Olympic Way SE, at the base of the ArriVa condominium tower. It was quiet at the time, and we had a great chance to chat with David Walker, wine guru and co-owner. He was informative, friendly, and personable. I think he has the potential to reach a large audience because he can educate, and promote his products in a way that lacks pretense. This is his goal, and he tells you up front. He wants wine to be accessible, and for clients to find great values in their purchases.

I think it will be a really great place for Calgarians to learn a bit more about wine, and in a comfortable environment.

Check it out:

More info on Calgary Sun blog:

A bunch more write-up on my blog too.

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  1. There's a little bit of irony here....a wine store with a stated goal of being unpretentious run by a fellow who makes it clear the store is made up of 100 wines selected by himself...if you're an Anthony Bourdain fan you'll know what he says about these kinds of guys...LOL

    Seriously though...are the wines boutique selections exclusive to them? If so that could be pretty cool. If you liked the unpretentious style David brings you may also want to meet Brad Royale of Bin 905/Divino, IMHO the best sommelier Calgary has to offer serious wine drinkers and beginners alike. Not an ounce of snobbiness and always quick with value wines and boutique exclusives. Andre Kok at CSN Wines (Calgary's largest selection) is another very cool wine personality I enjoy buying from. Cheers, thanks for the post!

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      haven't heard from you in a while ureview - any more wine tastings coming up?

      1. re: pants

        I have been delinquent in my event planning this past year...but am hoping to rectify that situation soon. I'll be sure to forward you the invite when I get something set up. If you ever need a wine rec, don't be shy! LOL

        1. re: ureviewcalgary

          Thanks - yep - I've had pretty good luck at Bin 905 recently; but haven't connected with a specific person much. I think the key thing in 100 Wines, is that the pretentious-ness is supposed to be eased by having fewer choices... ie. if a guest is coming over for dinner, and doesn't have a clue what to bring...please stop there...especially if the guest is completely terrified of asking a question and looking/feeling dumb. (ok, I guess 100Wines is kinda like wine for dummies! I mean that in the nicest possible way!!!!) This is great for folks in a hurry, or who just want something good, but don't want to hunt down the 1 knowledgeable person in the store...but who doesn't work there anymore...or only between the hours of 1-2pm.

          Trust me, I completely hear you on the Bourdain thing.