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May 18, 2008 09:36 PM

How much tip do u give?

just want to get a sense on common tipping range these days ...

what is your range of tipping percentage from sub-par service to very good service? (me: 10 to 20%)

do u tip different amounts in different types of restaurant (e.g. keg, splendido, chinatown)? (me: in chinatown, my range becomes 5-15%.)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We tip 15% on a pretty standard basis, more if we feel the server has earned it. Luckily we haven't run into what we consider sub-par service often, but on those rare occasions when we do, we tip less. So I'd say we're in your 10-20% range. We tip the same, regardless of the type of restaurant. It depends on the service.

      1. The US custom is currently 15-20% on the pretax total (grossed up to include the value of any coupon or comped items) including liquor for full service dining, 10% for buffet dining. One is always free to tip more. Variations abound on the rest of the details (suc, so it would be hard to generalize a custom out of that - like that it's good manners to tip up more if you've had the table for a couple of hours but only ordered one course, et cet.)

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        1. re: Karl S

          I am not disagreeing with you, as we generally tip 10-20% (and round up, often, to an even final dollar amount), but I am wondering, who sets the US custom? I see on tipping threads all the time what is customary, but who sets that? I remember when it used to be definitely 10-15% (lunch to dinner), but now it has crept up to 15-20%. When did that happen? How did that happen?

          1. re: cheeseguysgirl

            Custom is the predominate practice. It's descriptive first and foremost, then prescriptive to the extent reinforced by standard etiquette manuals like Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt, et cet.

            I would still venture that 15% pretax is still the vastly dominant practice in the US. 20% became common in fine dining in Manhattan a generation ago, and as comparable dining has extended to a variety of food meccas across the country, that higher standard has trailed in its wake. Since many Chowhounds either reside in proximity to those areas or are by nature inclined to tip up, you will see many here who have 20% as their personal standard. But it's not necessarily representative of current US custom overall.

            The other thing being aware of the custom does is it gives servers a benchmark about when to be concerned that they they got a substandard tip due (1) poor service (which they would need to improve upon), or (2) a cheap patron (who are impossible). When servers elevate the customary standard higher than it really is, they set themselves up for miscommunication through no fault of the patron.

        2. Good. You seldon see tipping threads here.

          20% minimum, of everything -- not deducting wine, taxes, or anything else.

          Unless there's a real problem.

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          1. re: Muskrat

            I do the same as Muskrat and a bit more when I am given something.

            1. re: Muskrat

              yes, leave off the leave offs. Tip the bill, it was all served to you.

            2. As is often the case with tipping threads, we've had to remove a number of really rude, personal attacks from this thread. If you want to contribute your own tipping practices to this thread, go ahead, but insults directed at other people for their tipping practices are not permitted.