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May 18, 2008 08:41 PM

Best Burger in Loop area?

I am wondering if anyone know what place in downdown/loop area that get the best burger available? I have heard soem good things about Rosebud Steakhouse's burger, but is there other place for good burger?

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  1. Gibson's also has an excellent burger. The meat is freshly ground and has a wonderful robust beef flavor. They have a location on Rush in the city and one in Rosemont for the "suburburbanites"

    1. Do you mean only in the Loop, or also in the surrounding neighborhoods (River East, Michigan Avenue/Streeterville, Gold Coast, River North, West Loop, South Loop, etc)? Rosebud has several locations including one in the Loop itself. Gibson's is up on Rush Street around Oak. However, the problem I have is that when I go to a steakhouse, I don't usually order burgers (even though I know that some of the best burgers are at the steakhouses, and they're even very reasonably priced there).

      A really good place for burgers is Boston Blackie's, in River East, and that's a place I go when I want a burger. They also have a location in the Loop near Union Station, but I haven't been to that particular location.

      Oh and there's a discussion topic on our best burgers, with a lot of recommendations in the downtown areas, at

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        Well, basically if ti is within walking distance of the loop it is fine. I got no problem walking from like Macy to like Water tower distance.

      2. Hackney's is probably your best bet in the South Loop:

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          I agree, Hackney's is much better than Blackies. Blackies tastes of frozen variety with loads of salt.

        2. The Gage (pub/restaurant at 24 South Michigan) has excellent burgers.

          1. Millers (on Wabash) Blue Cheese Bacon Burger is very good. Just had one a few nights ago.