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May 18, 2008 08:37 PM

chocolate covered nuts???

any recs for chocolate covered nuts?? hazel nuts and almonds covered with chocolate a favorite she says must get for for a gift for a very special lady doctor who probably saved my life. thanks

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  1. Bazzini in Tribeca has a pretty large assortment. I think they may only offer milk chocolate covered nuts, though; this is a big drawback in my book. Fairway also sells chocolate covered nuts. I think they may even offer milk and dark chocolate at times. Zabar's should also stock them. But it sounds as if you may be looking for something very high-end and more delicate, in which case these may not cut it.

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      Bazzini's is so disappointing because I thought I'd hit the source! but the nuts and stuff they offer is as old and unfresh as the stuff you see around the city with their stickers on it.

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        Sorry to hear of your disappointment, bigjeff. Which ones did you try? Did you also try the fresh nuts that they sell loose by the pound? I think those should be fresher, but admittedly probably not chocolate-covered.

        Fairway and Zabar's also sell chocolate-covered nuts at reasonable prices. Some of them are even covered in dark chocolate. I used to love the dark chocolate covered cashews at Fairway but then they must have switched distributors or something. All of a sudden they were really bad. I tried them again later, thinking it was just a bad batch or something but the second time was just as awful. The strange thing is Fairway still sells them so someone must be buying them

    2. Jacques Torres sells some chocolate covered nuts. I've had the chocolate covered macadamias and they were wonderful. I'm not sure what other nut varieties they use.

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        I've had the JT chocolate-covered almonds. They were yummy too

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          Sahadi's in Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave.

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          JT used to make these dark chocolate covered hazelnuts that were suburb ... i am still thinking about them years later. they were roasted, lightly sugar-glazed, then enrobed in quality dark chocolate. unfortunately, they're no longer available.

          the macademias sound similar, but are with milk chocolate.

          i dislike milk chocolate, so i've not bothered.

          their dark chocolate covered almonds i think are without the glaze.


        3. i've found that making them yourself is the best (it's easy too). it may not be as beautiful as store bought, but giving a gift of chocolate bark wrapped up nicely can be really nice. here's what i do - i buy the bag of mixed salted nuts from Whole Foods (almonds, pecans, brazililan, etc.) (salted is very important as it gives that great sweet/savory mix). Then I buy very high quality dark chocolate - I would say no lower then 60% - though I go darker. I'm not a fan of Schaffenberger (too sour) but love Green & Black, Valronha and Trader Joe's has this awesome brand of South American chocolate with a gray label and orange / yellow tag that is very well priced. Melt the chocolate, mix in the nuts, I actually do a couple of cranks of the pepper mill - then spread onto tin foil and let cool (frigerator makes it faster) - then break. Wrap prettily :).