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May 18, 2008 08:02 PM

Jean Georges or Nougatine Lunch

Visiting the city in a couple of weeks and plan a Friday lunch with my wife at either Jean Georges or Nougatine. Understand this is more formal versus more casual, but otherwise can hounds give me your pros and cons on the two for lunch.

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  1. Definitely Jean Georges (the main dining room) over Nougatine. The food at the latter is very inconsistent and most of the time it is not nearly as good as the main dining room. In particular they tend to screw up the entrees (in my experiences). The desserts are usually fine. They have 3 course prix-fixe at $24ish, and you have like 2 choices for each course.

    On the other hand, the main dining room consistently serves up delicious food and a lot of choices. It only costs $28 for 2 courses and $12 for each additional course, and dessert is $8. The price difference compared to Nougatine is small but the quality difference is quite substantial (to give Nougatine some credit, when they are good they are quite good). You also get fresh cut marshmallow at the end in the main dining room.

    Lastly, the service at Nougatine could be spotty sometime.

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      While I've never experienced either bad food or service at Nougatine, the lunch deal at JG is unbeatable...hands down the better choice.

      1. Nougatine is the cafe that services the Hotel. It is a different kitchen with different staff, they simultaneously make room service food as well.
        As such- JG is where you need to go!
        4 stars were earned here and only here.
        28$ two courses, plus 14$ per additional courses. It can't be beat!

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          I believe any additional course is $12 each

        2. I haven't been to JG but I just had lunch at Nougatine 2 days ago and the food was delicious, service was amiable and prompt and my party left happy and satisfied. I thought it was a great deal and can't complain...

          1. since i can never make the JG lunch during the week the only option i have is sat lunch at nougatine...which has always been great. ive taken my mom and best friend there and they were both impressed...