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May 18, 2008 07:27 PM

breakfast in burlington, vt.

Any suggestions for a great breakfast in Burlington Vermont?

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  1. Hands down Penny Cluse Cafe. We were just up there this winter and you will not be disappointed!

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    1. re: wickedjazzed

      I haven't been there before, but I would have said Penny Cluse as well.

      1. re: wickedjazzed

        Honestly, I don't understand the enthusiasm for Penny Cluse at all. I've eaten there twice in the last year, and both times I got rubbery pancakes, and cheap thin-sliced bacon, served with a glass of warmer-than-it-should-have-been milk. Once, I'd have chalked it up to a bad day. Twice, that suggests a pattern to me.

        One thing is certain: I won't go back for a 3rd try.

        1. re: signothetimes53

          I have to totally 100% disagree. I have been going to Penny Cluse for years and have never had rubbery pancakes or cheap bacon.... can't say anything about the milk because I don't drink it, but the food is always the best quality and they use quality ingredients. I know they pride themselves in their quality and if you had said something to your server they would have made it right for you. The Chorizo tacos are wonderful as are the smoky pork and beans and the summertime calls for the taco salad.

      2. Penny Cluse can be very hit or miss, and the waits can be brutal. I love Magnolia, have never had to wait, and far prefer it for ambiance as well as food. The lime waffles are a particular favorite, as are the mex-inspired omelettes (some of them vegan.) I also enjoy patronizing a place that champions local, organic food sources.

        1. I second Penny breakfasts in Burlington!!

          Also, Sneakers in Winooski....great pancakes and omelets!

          Waits can be brutal though at both places. At least with Penny Cluse, you can put your name on a call list and then go shopping on the Marketplace.....return at your designated time and have a table.

          1. Penny Cluse and Magnolia will both serve up a decent breakfast, for something over $10.
            A more memorable breakfast foodwise is to be found at Tommy's Grill, in S. Burlington on Shelburne Rd, in the Shaw's center. Their huevos rancheros are worth whatever the drive. The flour cakes are lovingly hand-made and griddled by Laela, topped with the customary fried eggs, and then with fresh home-made red or green salsas. They will further adorn them with chorizo or shredded chicken, at your pleasure. All for $6.75. It's not a fancy place- you pick up your order and bus your tray- and they will refuse a tip on your way out. For such friendly service and good food, you have to slip a tip under the saltshaker back at your table.