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May 18, 2008 07:07 PM

Cambridge/Zanesville, OH?

We'll be spending a night in Cambridge OH. Anywhere remotely interesting to eat dinner? We'll have a toddler with us and it will have been a long travel day so it can't be linger-y. Other than Indian, we don't have cuisine restrictions.

Breakfast suggestions welcome too. Or maybe we should just skip breakfast and stop in Columbus for lunch?

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  1. I've passed through there for decades and generally don't stop there since my end/start destination is Pittsburgh generally. Lots of chains, though if you do a search on the archives here I seem to remember mention of a few family-style eateries. If you stop in Columbus I highly recommend Katzinger's Deli in the German Village area, just off I-70. It is NOT cheap, but excellent. Another nice place in that area is the Mohawk Tavern.

    1. Theo's, located in downtown Cambridge on Wheeling Avenue has a pretty decent menu and good prices. You could aslo try The Forum, located right off I-70, exit 178. Same family as Theo's, but a little more upscale.
      In Zanesville, there's Adornetto's. I can't remember the exit, the website is www.adornetto' Good pizza at this Italian eatery that also has a location in Newark. There's also Maria Adornetto's in downtown Zanesville but I've never been.
      Katzinger's is not cheap compared to the sandwich chains. It's pricing is in line with a good delicatessen. Which Katzinger's definitely is.