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May 18, 2008 07:05 PM

preCamden yards lunch recs w/kids

We will be going to our first O's game Memorial Day Monday. Any recs for 4 adults, 4 kids ages 6mon-5yo?

We prefer something not too far but we'll have 2 cars so as long as the rest. has parking, it's not a big deal. Also, soft shell crabs or traditional hard shell would high on the list.
We've been to Obreyki's before which was good and may be our default if nothing else comes up.

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  1. I don't know if it can work for you, but your post reminded me of my days at Maryland Law. The Camden Yards sellout streak was still going on and we could get single tickets for $1. I must have gone to 30 games during the '95 season. (I even managed to sneak in without a ticket to watch Cal circle the field the night he broke Lou Gherig's record! - don't ask)

    If I were to go back for a day game, this would be my plan: Park on Paca Street halfway between the Stadium and Lexington Market. Lunch in the Market at Faidley's - crabcakes and oysters. There are other food options there for those who don't want fish. Time permitting, grab a beer at Pickles across from the Yard. Finally, get a bag of warm, roasted peanuts from one of the street vendors and head inside. When you get hungry again, get in line for pit beef sandwiches while your SO gets a couple microbrews!

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      Is Lexington Market open on Memorial Day Monday?

    2. Wow, lunch AND a ballgame = a pretty long day for the little ones. In the vicinity of Obrycki's is Alexander's Tavern, a very kid-friendly spot for lunch on Broadway just south of Aliceanna. We were there on the Sat before Mother's Day and there was plenty of available metered parking ($3 for 3 hrs). They have leapster's for the kids. The sandwiches w/ homemade chips were tasty - kids have at least 5 things to choose from. We also split some type of tater-tot app. Portions are quite large (even for the little ones) and i recall a nice microbrew selection. Good luck!

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        Thanks for the advice. I'm also worried that lunch+ballgame is too ambitious w/such young kids but my wife thinks it'll be fine. We'll find out in a few days...