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May 18, 2008 06:45 PM

Possible to eat healthy?

hi everyone -- is it possible to eat healthy in Manhattan? i've been eating out everywhere for a solid 2 years (from peruvian to japanese), and at a total loss for heart-healthy food options. fancy salads are nice, but it's two bits of green on a plate, usually with some sort of tartare or seafood that renders it instant-cholesterol. any pointers to places on this lovely isle that would be *tasty* and *healthy* that doesn't have seafood or fish in it is much appreciated. thanks!

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    1. Sounds as if you just don't like seafood or fish. There are strictly vegetarian "fancy" restaurants (Hangawi, Pure Food and Wine, Counter), as well as those that concentrate on organic ingredients and have many vegetarian options (Broadway East, although you'll need to steer clear of the coconut tempeh).

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. hi...i agree with the above posters that fish dishes are healthy options but there are tons of other options available too...but in any case, here are a few places (both fishy and non) that i think of as healthy choices/meals:

          -- Dosirak...casual Korean on 13th St...lots of salads and local ingredients

          -- at most French bistros, you can get grilled chicken and subsitute steamed veggies for fries...Lucien, for example, will do this...and i love their salmon dish there, which is grilled and comes w/ veggies

          -- Balthazar has several hearty and healthy salads

          -- even at somewhere like Lupa, which loads their pastas w/ butter and salt, you can make a healthy meal by ordering the delicious brussels sprouts, another vegetable or two, and maybe one meat/fish option...but personally, i'd do the same thing at Cacio e Vino, a casual Italian place i love in the East Village.

          -- Cafe Mogador is also fun option: appetizers of spicy carrots, tabouli, and maybe a chicken tagine...

          A lot of this depends on what you consider healthy...but i've generally found that Manhattan is an easier place to eat healthy meals than a lot of cities, because of the great variety to suit any diet.

          1. Not sure if you are looking for upscale options or just general takeout, but I eat almost daily at The Pump restaurts or Energy kitchen if I need to take out. But, at the the end of the day, if you are truly serious about nutrition, your best option is making your own meals. If you are eating out at more upscale restaurants, stay away from heavey sauces and the bread basket. Order lean meats or fish (like salmon, tuna or halibut) and veggies.