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May 18, 2008 06:33 PM

Best fine dining in Vail, CO

Whati is the best fine dining and good local restaurants in Vail. We are staying there in July over the Fourth..........????

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  1. Oh and we are staying at the Vail Plaza hotel.....

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      Vail: Fine dining -- Larkspur
      Good local -- Sweet Basil

      Beaver Creek: Fine dining -- Grouse Mountain Grill and
      Good local -- Golden Eagle Inn

      Edwards: Good local -- Dish and

      Eagle-Vail: Good local -- Restaurant Ti Amo

      For more details, use the search feature and search this board. There is quite a lot of information available that way.

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      1. Splendido's is in Beaver Creek and is amazing. It is one of the few places in the valley that earns it keep. Excellent Food and Services.

        Kelly Liken in vail is very good as well. The food is spot on and truly regional fare. The services is hit or miss. P.S. 50% off entire menu and select wines till June 15

        1. just spent the weekend at vail plaza... we had a very nice experience.

          my favorite fine dining: larkspur, la tour, sweet basil, kelly liken.
          this weekend we did basil and kelly liken (tasting menu)... both solid.

          local: ok, maybe it's my austrian herritage, but i am a sucker for al fresco dining, good unfiltered hefes, und schnitzle mit spaetzle.... i really enjoy alpenrose and pepi's for lunch. we did up the creek for lunch one day and were satisfied (except for soggy fries).

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            anything else you can add about the vail plaza? pros and cons?