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May 18, 2008 06:12 PM

Oysters in Charleston - Help??

Last time we were in Charleston ( 5 or 6 yrs ago), we had lunch at a great little restaurant in the heart of the downtown. Can't remember the name. I had a delicious Po'Boy sandwich with lightly fried oysters. Can't remember name of restaurant, but would love to eat there again when we return to Charleston next month. Don't remember too much about it, think it was on a side road, dining room was relatively small, very quaint. Know that this is not much to go on, but anyone want to suggest what restaurant it might be? Or suggest another restaurant for lunch with great oysters? Thanks!

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  1. Even though it's on Meeting Street, hardly a side street, betcha' it was Joseph's Restaurant.

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      By all means, hit Joseph's. Excellent food, warm service, and the soups are heavenly. They also serve a mean breakfast. Fresh and well-cooked seafood.

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      1. You'll have to drive north 40 miles, but the oysters at T.W. Graham's in McClellanville are worth it. Last week I was talking to Claudia there - she makes the amazing coconut pies - about her husband's oyster frying. The secret is VERY light breading, not overcooking and serving hot. That way you can taste the oysters, which are cream-tender, from the local beds. If they're serving the shrimp and pinto bean salad, I'd recommend ordering that too.

        1. try Pearlz- downtown East Bay and West Ashley on Magnolia

          1. Whatever you do, do not eat at the Noisy Oyster.

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              Hear hear! The N.O. has to be one of the worst dining experiences we've had.