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May 18, 2008 06:10 PM

Swank business dinner to impress Londoners...

Two former London colleagues, who virtually live on expense meals in London, are coming to NYC and want to take me out to dinner - I get to select the restaurant. I was thinking Per Se, but it might be a bit rich for their blood, even though the exchange rate is in their favor! Looking for suggestions - something that is a current hot spot with a stylish vibe and great food.
Can't be impossible to get in, ie. Waverly Inn.
If I was asking this question four years ago I would be thinking Spice Market (even though the food there is so so)...

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  1. Normally I would suggest L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, but they have one in London. How abut Jean Georges? If they want "super power" dinner, Le Cirque.

    If you want grand decor, Buddakan or Del Posto in Meatpacking will do it. Buddakan may be a bit similar to Hakkasan in London but if they like fusion food it's quite good. Del Posto for Italian seems a better choice IMO.

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      Del Posto for stylish vibe? Maybe if you're 80.

      1. re: eternalX

        I didn't say stylish (as in chic I guess in your sentence). I said "Grand"

    2. How about taking them someplace casual and fun and with good food, and impress them by expanding the horizons?

      1. If you want something trendy and stylish, I think Bar Blanc would fit what you are looking for, and the food is excellent.

        1. I would suggest Craft, BLT Steak or BLT Prime, Nobu or Kobe Club if you want a good bit of trendy/ celebrity-ish with good food. Buddakan as well, although I have not been or any of the Blue Ribbon resturants.

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            Actually go to Craftsteak and order the Wagyu Beef from Japan. That's what an expense account is for! :D

          2. Maybe Asiate - the view is uniquely NYC, and the food's been getting good grades from CHers.

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              I'm a big fan of Four Seasons, it is grand, old school, I think it's impressive!