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May 18, 2008 06:03 PM

Where can I get deep-fried shrimp heads?

Does anybody know if I can find deep-fried shrimp heads anywhere -- the ones they give you at a sushi restaurant if you sometimes order shrimp sushi? They're so good that I want to eat an entire bowl of them. But I've never seen them anywhere, even at izakayas. Can anybody help me?

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  1. there's a relatively new sushi place on the UES (I forget exactly where) called SATO. Always fresh fish, and some interesting preparations as well, and last time I was there we had a whole bowl of deep fried fish heads - just ask for them. Very good.

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    1. re: adam

      is that the same Sato as the one on Queens Blvd?

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        Yes it is - certainly one of the better sushi options in Queens, and hopefully one of the better in the UES (although, admittedly, there is much more competition there).

    2. They always fry up the shrimp heads at En.

      1. I haven't been to SATO. And I've never seen it at EN, but I guess I can ask the waitstaff. Thank you both for the recs!

        1. In terms of Japanese cuisine, there's no real standard item of deep-fried shrimp heads- like a whole bowl of them. But WHOLE fried shrimp (not battered, just shell-on deep fried) are not unusual. They can range in size from tiny to small prawn sizes. Typically, they are a type of river shrimp. You've probably done so already, but I would guess that Hagi and Riki, the usual izakaya suspects, might be worth checking out. Many izakaya, in Japan at least, will serve a small bowl of them as the obligatory snack when you order a draft beer.

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            Thanks, SJ! Yeah, I've seen the whole shrimp, but not just the shrimp heads. They are so good. I can eat them like potato chips.

          2. You know, Bar Q does an excellent version of this. They call it head on shrimp, but in fact they separate the body from the head, grill the body, and deep fry the head. Yum.

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              Do they just serve up the heads? I want to make more room in my tummy for just pure heads! The bodies would fill me up too much.