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May 18, 2008 05:53 PM

Birthday Dinner for under $300

I feel a little silly posting this, as I am a regular on the board (or try to be) and naturally follow the reviews etc. that get posted ....but lately things have been a little tight so we haven't been venturing out much beyond a few neighbourhood places.....

But I have a birthday coming up and we would like to go out for a nicer meal (not splendido nice, a bit out of my price range), but don't want to spend more than $300 for the two of us. We do like more than one glass of wine and would rather not end up "trying" to meet the budget. In addition, feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of choices involved...

We love food, are very adventurous, and I am considering Kaiseki Sakura as the tasting menu with drink pairings seems very reasonable.

I've also considered Tati, Foxley and Harbord Room, but either reservations are not taken and/or reviews seem pretty inconsistent. Have also considered Batifole, but my wife is not a fan. We are on the Danforth, but will travel, though prefer something on the TTC so we can drink responsibly.

So given these constraints (TTC, $300 total with a few drinks, interesting to foodies, take reservations), any suggestions fellow chowhounds?

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  1. I've heard good things about Harbord Room but have never been. Tati has gotten mixed reviews, and it seems more negative than positive. Can't comment on Foxley. Been to Batifole and while I thought it was okay, it's not what I would consider special.

    My suggestions would be Scaramouche Pasta Bar, Pastis or Mistura. Your budget of $300 should buy you a very nice evening at either of those spots.

    Either way, have a great time and happy birthday bluedog.

    1. Globe Bistro is right by Broadview station and you'd probably be able to stay under budget along with a bottle of wine. If the weather's cooperative, there's a rooftop lounge as well.

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        I would strongly recommend Globe Bistro as well. I just went for the first time last week and enjoyed myself immensely. We started with a cocktail on the roof and moved downstairs for dinner.

        For your birthday dinner, I would request a booth on the mezzanine level. The space is really beautiful and the mezzanine only has about 6 tables, so it feels special and very romantic.

        Oh, and I found the red fife bread addictive!

      2. My girlfriend took me to Amusee Bouche for my birthday last month. French bistro, great presentation, small and quaint, was Susur Lee's old place. Check out their website....voted Best Small Cellar for their wines. Should be able to do it for under $300.

        1. Here are a few that I believe meet all of your criteria:
          Didier by St Clair station
          Imperia near the Yonge-Bloor subway
          Zucca near Eglinton station

          It would be tricky to get out of George near Queen subway within budget, but not impossible.

          1. My SO and I also enjoy a few drinks with our dinner and I know that can (sadly) up the cost significantly. I can't recall exactly what we paid the two times we've been to Amuse Bouche (mentioned by one of the other posters) but I think you might have a tough time keeping under budget.

            I second the recco for Zucca, and would also add Quince on Yonge south of Eglinton; I think you get great value for your money there, and the food is terrific, plus it's a nice atmosphere for a special occasion.

            A few weeks ago, I would have highly recommended the Rosebud (although it's off the subway line so you'd have to take the streetcar), but my last meal there was a bit of a disappointment, mainly because the clam pasta was wildly oversalted. I'm really hoping that this was an aberration, because I love the place (great cozy, romantic room and really great food). If you do go, I highly recommend the braised short rib die for.

            I haven't been to Weezie's (King and Power, if I'm not mistaken) but people have great things to say about it on this board, and it sounds very reasonable.

            Have a great time wherever you end up!