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May 18, 2008 05:46 PM

Kings for breakfast, Newtown, Connecticut

I thought I would find a good breakfast in Danbury, Connecticut. I asked a local guy who looked like he might have an answer. He said there wasn't anyplace in Danbury he would recommend; if I really wanted a good breakfast I should drive twenty minutes to Newtown, up I84.
I took his advice and found the place, after some searching. It was fantastic, local, with a total fixation on breakfast, and some local specialties, like crab crepes and apple french toast. I just had a basic three eggs overeasy (they got the runny centers right). The toast was delicious, the sausage excellent, pancake light, and the home fries were the best I've ever had. This is my first Chowhound rec. Hope you like it.

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  1. I've been enjoying Kings for a few years, but my husband refuses to go in if the owner's car/truck/motorcycle is there. The guy who owns the place has an ego the size of the state of CT, and I know so many people who are so turned off by him, they refuse to eat there. I usually get the crepes or eggs benedict for breakfast. My kids love going there for lunch because they get waffle fries. Their fresh baked bread is a treat to take home!

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      Well, I think that gentleman was there running the show, but he must have been in restrained mode, as I found him unobjectionable.

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        LOL- we love Kings, but the owner really is full of himself. FYI, now it's a huge hummer that he parks right in front. Love the "three's company" - egs, spinach, bacon & cheese all mixed together, awesome corned beef hash, as well as their special raspberry bread.

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          Did the ownership change along with the name (used to be Leo's)? I always assumed that it had, because the quality of the food dropped noticeably. But the owner when it was Leo's was a pompous ass, so now I'm thinking it was just the name and kitchen staff that changed.

          1. re: danieljdwyer

            I think for a few years the guy who owns it was a partner with the Leo's people and ran the Newtown restaurant. After he bought it outright he changed the name. I guess some of the kitchen staff changed at that time also. I'm sure the name "King's" has something to do with his ego!!!