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Murphy's Irish Stout

I'm looking for a bar/pub with Murphy's Irish Stout on tap. The only place that used to have it is the Red Dragon in Fanueil and the Burren in Davis square but they both stopped carrying it. Has anyone seen it in Boston or the surrounding area?

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  1. Stones Publick House, Ashland.
    I'm sute Doyle's, Atwood and others carry it.

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      Had a pint at Doyle's a few weeks ago

    2. Matt Murphy's in Brookline Village.

      1. Doyle's, JP
        Matt Murphy's, Brookline
        Paddy's, West Newton
        Squealing Pig, Brigham Circle
        I believe that O'Leary's in Brookline might have it, too, but am not 100% sure.

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          I think I saw it at Foley's in the South End yesterday.

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            I also think I've had Murphy's at O'Leary's, but am also not 100% sure (years ago)

            1. gargoyles in davis sq has it on tap.

              1. Olde Magoun's Saloon in Magoun Square, Somerville has it on tap. Just had a few on Saturday.

                1. townsends in hyde park has it currently. gargoyles in davis had it last time i was there (9 months ago).

                  1. 90% sure they had it at Audubon Saturday night.

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                    1. Such a good beer - just back from 2 weeks in Ireland (and in Cork where it is brewed) where we drank it round the clock (in between glasheens of Smithwicks!.)

                      I have had it at Doyle's and IIRC I think I have had it at Gargoyle's of all places!! ENJOY!!!

                      1. Thirsty Scholar has had it for years, and at a good price.

                        1. Tommy Doyle's in Kenmore has it.

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                            I think you mean Kendall Sq. for Tommy Doyle's.

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                              Doh! You are, of course, correct. You'd think I'd get it right, considering I work in Kendall, w/in view of Tommy Doyle's. I'm guessing all those years of going to Cornwall's made my brain automatically think "beer == Kenmore".

                          2. I think Flann O'Brien's still has it. I think Brendan Behan might have it even though it's no longer affiliated with Flann's.