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May 18, 2008 05:25 PM

Wineries in Western PA?

I want to plan a weekend trip to a winery somewhere within an afternoon drive of Pittsburgh (preferably less than two hours, but I'm flexible). What are the best wineries in Western PA?

Any preferences amongst the Chows?

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  1. The best wineries are on the southern shore of Lake Erie. There are a number with Mazza being the bigest and Presque Isle being the best, Just drive west of Erie along Routes 5 and 20 and all you will see are grapes and orchards. enjoy!

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    1. re: JohnnyT

      I second the trip up to Presque Isle. Their merlot blew away the judges at the 2000 PA Wine Competition. I know. I was one of them.

      1. re: Chefpaulo

        I also recommend Presque Isle. Their chardonnay is great as is the aforementioned merlot. Incidentally, Christophe Tassan over at Le Bec-Fin was impressed enough with Presque Isle to include the chardonnay and the merlot on the wines by the glass list at Le Bec-Fin last summer.

        1. re: Mr_Pickles

          It's also beautiful country up there with the vinyards overlooking the lake.


    2. Thanks for all the glowing recommendations. Is Lake Erie the closest I can get good wine to Pgh?

      If so, Erie isn't that far away.

      1. Greendance Winery in Mount Pleasant is a great one to visit, it's about an hour south-east of Pitt. They have free tastings every day and live music performances in the outdoor cafe on weekends. Definitely recommend checking them out!

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          I second Greendance in Mt Pleasant. Ive been there a number of times (ex is a musician) and really enjoyed it. Wine is good too

        2. I know this is an older post that's been revived, but it caught my eye because I was driving along Rte. 910 up in Gibsonia the other day and noticed a very conspicuous winery on the side of the road: Narcisi Winery.

          Apparently, they have been open since 2001, although I've never heard of it, which is strange because I am quite familiar with the area.

          Anybody check this place out? Thoughts?