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May 18, 2008 05:20 PM

Brunch in the Wheeling, WV area

Hello, My family and I will be spending a couple of days in the Wheeling, WV area. Can anybody suggest any place to eat around the area?

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  1. My family hasn't been to Oglebay State Park since the 90's, so my experience is a bit dated (I was a kid and not that interested in fine food). But I do remember that we ate at the same places every year. The first night was pizza from Defelice Bros. and the second night was dinner at the Ye Olde Alpha.

    Sunday brunch was at Stratford Springs (that may or may not still be in business. I can't find much info on it online.) Must have been good since we went back every year!

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    1. I would highly recommend a leisurely drive down to New Martinsville (WV) and a visit to Quinet's Court homemade (and huge) buffet. You won't find a better deal to feed the family. I was there for Sunday lunch and it was super. It is on Main St (not the main drag--about 0.6 m west of it closer to the river)

      1. I meant to add--I also ate at Coleman's Fish Market downtown in the Market place building(?)--it was great fish, also somewhat unique and worth a trip. It was on a Saturday afternoon and I parked right across the street. Plus a lot closer right in downtown Wheeling.

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