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May 18, 2008 04:45 PM

Seeking Good to great Colombian Food in all of So Cal

Out of all the Colombian restaurants I've been to in L.A. County, "La Fonda Antioqueña" was the most authentic, classic, home cooked Colombian Food I have tried outside of home. Now that it's been closed indefinately due to remodeling. Now I know of no where else to go. Colombian restaurants are hard to find I know. I've been to Chibcha, Cafe Colombia in Burbank on Glenoaks, Maria's in No Ho, and nothing IMHO compares to La Fonda Antioqueña. Parking was always a challenge but worth the hassle.

Open to suggestions, I've been to all the restaurants mentioned above so let's suggest something different/new. Looking forward to replies.

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  1. A couple of other possibilities not on your list above (and I have not tried either of them personally):

    Puerto Caribe at 6748 Passons Blvd Pico Rivera, CA 90660 (562) 942-1017and Mi Ama on S. Prairie in Lawndale.

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      Mi Ama is exceptional! Addictive corn flour empanadas, best tiradito I've ever had, nice lamb and soups. Parillada is variable - if they have the homemade sausages on the mixed grill, order it, but if not don't bother. Downside: Service is sometimes slow and the orders for a large table dribble out of the kitchen, TV is annoyingly loud unless you ask them to turn it down (but they usually will), and wine/beer selection is poor - bring your own if you wish to imbibe. Bring glassware if ytou want to drink wine ffrom appropriate glasses. The food is worth the other minor inconveniences. Note: restaurant is located in a corner of a parking lot next to a vacant market and a hair salon - it is hard to see. Worth the trip, though.

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        Thanks for adding real value to my listing of Mi Ama, FO.

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        Skip Puerto Caribe -- it is nothing more than a front for a Colombian frozen food importer, so the menu is just re-heated frozen foods. I work right near there and even I don't think it's worth the trouble of driving there.

        From my experience, we'll just need to wait until La Fonda re-opens. Or, you'll have to just make the frijoles con todos los juguetes at home.

      3. Antojitos Latinos-Van Nuys, across from the DMV is great and well liked among my Colombian friends and acquintances.I've been to Colombia several times and have enjoyed Cafe Colombia, La Maria, Chibcha, and La Fonda Antioquenia very much.

        Here are some I haven't that have advertised in La Prensa, the Colombian newspaper:
        Sabor Latino-Montclair; EL molinito-Pico Rivera;Susana's-Azusa;Meson Criollo-Van Nuys(this place is new, just drove by a few weeks ago);La Fonda Paisa-Pico Rivera;Perla del Pacifico(Colombian seafood)-North Hollywood;La Cocinita Paisa-Upland

        Don't forget, the Festival Colombiano on June 20th at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena 11:00AM-10:00PM, featuring Son de Cali

        Looks like Pico Rivera is becoming a Colombian center.There are probably other Colombian finds over there.Let me know if anybody hits these places

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          I've heard a fair amount of grumbling that the Colombian festivals are pretty lousy in terms of food. And in some cases, the festicals are a bit sketchy. At least that's what a few Colombians have told me. Perhaps they are snobs, but I would at least trust their opinion on the food.

          I did not realize that Pico Rivera has so many Colombian options -- I only knew about Puerto Caribe. Time to do some research.

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