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May 18, 2008 04:33 PM

Charlotte NC food blog(s)

I just happened to come across this site which seems to be pretty new - Who knows - it may be one of you! Anyway didn't know if any of you Charlotte readers had seen it. ARe there any other Charlotte-related food blogs?

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  1. Yeah, Well I looked at this blog. I did not get very far. I saw postings about Bojangles, Craker or Pretzel? , Subway and Olive Garden. To put it mildly I don't ever need to see this Blog again. If this is your thing by all means enjoy.

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    1. re: GodfatherofLunch

      I admire your restraint, GFL. but which is it... a cracker or a pretzel?

      I can't stop laughing!

      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

        HA! Your posting made me laugh. the REASON i didn't say anything to begin with is I didn't know if it (the blog) belonged to someone on here. I was trying not to offend. While I do LOVE bojangles, I was wondering why someone with a Charlotte food blog was writing about chains.

      2. I thought GFof L was a little abrupt, then I looked at the blog. :)

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        1. re: waitress

          It's the sorriest thing I ever read. The funny thing about it is that it is relatively well-written. It's the content that bums me out. Poor guy.

        2. Have you read the food choices in that blog, even at non-chains?

          Someone has a date with angioplasty in the future....

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          1. re: mcap

            Evidently someone named Amanda didn't like the pretzel cracker and blogged about it. I definitely need to see what Amber had to say. Speaking of Charlotte blog's, isn't GFL due for an update?

          2. Okay, all kidding and self-righteousness aside, there really aren't any Charlotte food blogs that can be found thru google. GFL had one for a while but he doesn't seem to be keeping up with it. Google keeps going to the one chocolate toe found which, if you look at it, is linked to the website of a CPA in Tega Cay who also happens to like to write about everything he eats. There's another one but it's aimed more at growing organic vegetables. Other than that, pretty slim pickings.

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            1. re: southernitalian

              FYI, there is The Charlotte Culinary Club on Facebook. They occasionally will send out questions to members like "What is your favorite Italian resto?" But the questions have been sent out rather sporaticly lately.

            2. Evidently he visited McCormick and Schmick's and wrote a very nice review! Who knows? Maybe he read (or participated in?) this snooty thread. He seems like a really nice guy. I'd love to talk about food with him!