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May 18, 2008 04:25 PM

Favorite NJ shore seafood "shacks"?

I'm thinking basic good shore food -- fried clams & assorted seafood, steamed clams, maybe chowder, etc.––nothing fancy needed. Could be indoor seating or even counter take-out to picnic tables. I just want some good recs!
Our old standby favorite when we lived further north was Keyport Fishery--great plate of take-out fresh, simply fried seafood -- walk across the street and eat it on a bench overlooking the marina. But that's a bit more of a hike now.
I've searched the board and I'm going to try to check out Smith's Clam Bar in Somers Point and Allen's Clam Bar in New Gretna.

But we'll trek for good shore food -- send me some destinations!

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  1. Stewart's Fish 'n' Chips, in Pt. Pleasant. Here's a thread with my review:

    1. Morgan's Fishery on rt 35 north in Sayerville. Have the Calamari and Lobster bisque. Also check the board for the specials

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      1. I too grew up going to the Keyport Fishery and eating dinner on those same benches - ! Now that I live in Southern Ocean County, Allen's Clam Bar is the way to go - they have the best fried scallops around, bar none. Actually, they renovated the inside a bit this year, much to my dismay, as I thought the cement floor added atmosphere - the Pergo (sp?) just doesn't do it for me. Ditto for the newly painted walls - I liked the old paneling with the nautical kitsch on the walls - that being said, the food rocks. Their steamers couldn't be fresher, and come in metal buckets - the fried scallop/shrimp combo is my personal fave, and their key lime pie is better than decent. There's a liquor store right across the street - bring your own beer/wine, and they'll ice it for you.


        1. Well, I live in Somers Point and probably eat lunch at Smith's once or twice a year. It's not a bad place, but it has the reputation as being a "locals" favorite, which is really not true. It's only open in the summer and is really the favorites of the tourists staying in Ocean City.

          The place I'd recommend is the Oyster Creek Inn in Leeds Point.

          Also, there's a new place in Stone Harbor called Quahog's Seafood Shack that ought to be really good. I have not tried it yet, but it's owned by the couple that operates Sea Salt, which is an excellent restaurant.

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            Oyster creek inn is my favorite,also liked Motts creek inn but the last time I was therethe kitchen was closed.

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              A follow up to my Quahog suggestion - I take it back for now. We tried it this weekend and were very disappointed. We ordered take out and had to wait nearly 40 minutes for our food. By the time we got it it was in varying states of freshness, and had obviously been sitting for some time. Absolutely no organization at all. The young woman running the counter was totally in the weeds and didn't seem to know it. Definitely not ready for prime time, which is a shame because the food was cooked and seasoned well, and probably would have been great at some time, but was cold and soggy by the time we got it.

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                OK, I'm taking back my take back. My wife convinced me that we couldn't judge the place by the take out experience so we tried the dining room last night and boy, she was right. The food was excellent. Menu is pretty broad with entrees ranging from $10 dishes up to $40 for a Lobster clambake. Dining room seats about 80 with a covered patio that seats about the same. We opted for softshell crabs ($24) since they are in season and they were perfect. Can't wait to go back.

                As for the take out, maybe they were having a bad day..

            2. I live in Ocean City. The two places the locals take visitors for seafood, without a long drive are the Crab Trap and Smith's Clam Bar (refered to as Smitty's by the locals). Smitty's is located in a marina so you are right on the docks. The have two outside counters with stools and inside dining which could be compared to a shack. They have a decent menu for things other than clams and chowder, which are billed as "Red" and "White" The food is pretty good and the kids and grandkids enjoyed it when we took them there. By the way, the do not take plastic but they will accept an IOU.

              PS You wait outside if the is no seating available. I would recommend insect repellant.