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May 18, 2008 04:23 PM

Mon night rec: in OC

Normally I would choose Marche Moderne, but the chef's not in on Mon night.
Then I thought we could try Old Vine for something different. It's closed Mon.

I will be with 2 colleagues for a fun, early dinner. We don't know each other that well, so not too loud. We work in Irvine but would be prepared to go as far as Costa Mesa or even Laguna for a 'nice' but not overly expensive dinner.

Help me people! Don't let me end up at Cheescake Factory (my colleague's suggestion)....

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  1. In Newport, try 'A' the new operation at the site of the 'old' Arches. Or, the 'old' Arches in it's new digs nearby on 29th St. A is new wave old school, the Arches is genuine old school.

    Or, down PCH in Corona del Mar... Crow Bar & Kitchen. Monday is a good night-- you'll skip the crazy crowds. Landmark (right by Crow Bar) has also just reopened after a facelift -- they might be a good bet too.

    In corporate Irvine-- Taleo is a solid choice. Bistango too.