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May 18, 2008 03:41 PM

30th Birthday Venues? (Phoenix)

Hey everyone.

I'll be turning 30 in August (great time for a birthday in Phoenix! lovely weather :-P) and I'm trying to find someplace for heavy apps/dessert for about 30 people (preferably a private room) that won't break the bank. Any suggestions? We're in Ahwatukee, so the closer to this part of the valley the better.


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  1. You may want to try Quiessence Restaurant & Wine Bar . I havent been there, but everything I hear about it is pretty good.

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      Quiessence generally closes for July and August; they reopen in September. I'm fitting in one more dinner there in a couple of weeks, ahead of the shutdown.

      edited: Just checked the website and it says they're only closed for July -- sorry for the error!

      It's kind of hard to ask a restaurant to give you a private room if you're not having a meal. They would most likely ask for a minimum or at least have you do a small set menu. That said, for apps, cocktails, and dessert, you might try Tomaso's in Chandler. Their happy hour is pretty stellar and they are such nice people; they're accustomed to big groups.

    2. You could take over Star of India. I adore that place. Fabulous food, and the owners are so incredibly friendly. For the price of appetizers and dessert at most places you could have a feast there.

      1. sorry i don't know much about ahwatukee, but i know dicks hideaway has a private dining room. i know they have a minimum, i think its either 300 or 500 so with 30 people that shouldn't be too hard to meet.

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          Thanks winedubar, and everyone else. I probably should've elaborated on cost although some seem to think it's tacky :-P I'm prepared to spend $500-$750. Thankfully, my circle believes in a cash bar, so that gives me some extra leeway. I'll be checking these places out. Keep the ideas rolling!! WE'll travel some, just not North Scottsdale, Glendale, etc.

        2. 56 East perhaps? I don't believe they have a private room, but you probably could take the whole inside.

          1. Canal on the South Bridge (by Fashion Square) has great desserts. I would also suggest Ocean Club - great appts and tons of desserts to choose from.