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May 18, 2008 03:35 PM

Must-try at Clio tonight?

1st time dinner at Clio tonight to celebrate graduation. Probably won't do tasting, and I'm leaving town very soon, so I'd love to get a few recommendations from the regular menu. What's essential?

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  1. Butter poached lobster if it is on the menu.

    1. lobster's great, suckling pig if they have it, foie gras...1 of my favorite dishes is the uni spoon with quail egg..from Uni

      1. I'd do the tasting if I were can customize it if there are any things you don't care for and it's really a fun experience (especially if it's your first time). Also, I'd look for any of the "secret ingredient" (coffee) items that won over the Iron Chef judges and helped Ken beat Cat Cora.