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May 18, 2008 03:28 PM

ISO Peanut Butter cake

I've never forgotten the PB sheet cake( with pb frosting) I used to buy at the cafeteria in grade school( in S. FL).

I've searched high and low for a good PB cake recipe with no luck.

Can anyone help?

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  1. This link has a school cafeteria Peanut Butter Cake and Peanut Butter Frosting recipe.
    Look on PDF pages 17 and 18 (124 & 125) of the PDF document. The recipes serve 100.

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      I recently made a great peanut butter cake by adapting a crazy cake recipe (typically chocolate). I eliminated the cocoa powder and replaced it with flour, then I added about a cup of PB2. Check out for more information on this glorious product. I didn't measure, just added the PB2 until the batter started tasting peanut-buttery.

      I baked them as cupcakes, some with peanut butter filling, some with honey filling. The honey sank to the bottom and made a gooey, but delicious, mess. The peanut butter stayed nicely in the middle for a more intense peanut butter surprise.

      I iced the cupcakes with honey buttercream, and topped with a tiny gumpaste bumblebee--see . They were delectable.

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        Thanks. I'll have to cut the recipe down, but this looks pretty close.

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          are there entree recipes somewhere in this as well? or an entree section? i'm from kentucky, and it would be such a trip to have some of my high school's recipes.

          1. re: beelzebozo

            Here is the link to the page with the entire selection of Kentucky school cafeteria recipes:


            Scroll to the very bottom of the page to the section titled, "Quantity Recipe Book". The school cafeteria cookbook is in sections, Table of Contents, Meat/Meat Alternate Recipes, Vegetables/Fruits Recipes, Breads Recipes and Other Foods Recipes (where the Peanut Butter Cake and Frosting recipe is listed). The sections are available in MS Word and PDF formats. All of the recipes seem to be sized to 100 servings.

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              this is crazy! thanks so much. very interesting stuff.

                1. re: Antilope

                  These sites are awesome. Where ever you all are from, you were lucky. My cafeteria food never tasted good PERIOD. I would take my lunch or in high school, go to Wendy's everyday. As my Grandmama would say to nasty tasting things "RICK"